cleaning - To my girlfriend, it's always the ideal cleaning. Is it a life hack or an example? Judge you!

My friend and her husband recently moved to the new house. The repair is freshly finished, the furniture is perfect. I was at her party last night. Her husband and son had gone to the country, to their grandparents. In their house it is not simply clean, it is perfect, as in magazines. Each object is in its place, everything is organized, there is nothing extra. I went into the bathroom to wash my hands, no trace of water on the battery. That’s the case with me, just as soon as I finish cleaning. Of course, I complimented her on this, and she sobbed.

She thought about starting a new life, in a new home. He arranged everything according to the KonMari method – it is when the clothes are arranged vertically and not horizontally. He bought complex storage systems for all things. He gave the house 4 instructions on how to keep order in the house.

Do you know, for example, how washing chromed sanitary ware on Saturday and Friday is as glossy? My friend knows! After washing your hands, she wears disposable gloves, wipes and wipes the surface of the washbasin and faucet. Then put the towel to dry and throw on the gloves. Why does he need gloves? I have no idea!

After he told me this, I realized that when I washed my hands, I left a lot of traces there. And this is just about hand washing!

Now the boys of the house are forbidden to use the toilet bowl. She controls that! There are other instructions for the kitchen. In other words, life is a struggle. Husband and son are spending more weekends around the country. And the friend admitted that she did not imagine her new life, but she can not give up.

The ideal cleanliness? Now I understand how to get it! It’s just not a life hack for me, but more of an example. Such cleanliness leaves no room for happiness. What do you think?


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