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The most beautiful and best garden swings seats – Top 10 reviews


The best garden swings seats – Our recommendations in 2020

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If you live at home, you will feel safe in your own garden, enjoying a quiet summer in a hammock or in the comfort of an outdoor swing or terrace. Therefore, to see which model best suits your home, it is important to know a few details about these products. Don't have the time to read interior design magazines or search stores? – We do it for you and we present you the popular models this year. Furinno Porch Swing is a cradle type product, from the range of spacious ones, with 3 seats, thus allowing several users to relax simultaneously, talking or reading. It is made of durable materials, supports a load of up to 330 kilograms, and the price can be advantageous from the perspective of several categories of potential buyers. If you prefer single-seat swings, then a very comfortable one is the Barton Hanging Egg model.

How to choose a good garden swing seat

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Buyer's guide

One of the most pleasant activities during the summer is relaxing outdoors, away from the shortcomings of hot days. If you have your own garden, then you know how pleasant it is to take refuge from the heat in the “oasis” offered by such vegetation. If many prefer a hammock or a sunbed, there are also people who relax best in a garden swing.

Such an item will give you the necessary comfort at any time of the day, whether you prefer to have breakfast in a specially arranged corner or spend a nap in the shade. If you are already wondering, “where can I find garden swings at good prices?”, We suggest you look for some interesting models on the internet. The offer is much more diversified online, and the prices can vary, up to some proposals with substantial discounts.

However, in order to choose one of the best garden swings for your household, it is necessary to be guided by some practical aspects, meant to provide clues about the functionality of the product.


It is one of the factors that you will have to check before making a decision. As with any type of garden furniture, depending on the hardness and strength of the materials that are part of the skeleton, you can anticipate how durable the product is. There are three quite popular variants: steel, aluminum and wood, each material having its advantages and disadvantages.

Wood is the classic choice and is a rustic option, which will give the whole garden a classic, traditional air. From the point of view of acquisition costs, it varies depending on the rarity and hardness of the chosen essence. The harder the wood, the stronger the rocker will be. One of the small disadvantages is a more demanding maintenance, especially because the wood can be sensitive to caries or moisture, especially if it is not treated and insulated properly. For a model used outdoors, these conditions are essential.

Steel is a very durable alternative, but a little heavier than the other two. Acquisition costs are not so high, and durability is optimal. Make sure that the material has been painted in an electrostatic field, the method that covers it with a very thin layer of paint, which triples its resistance to weathering, abrasion and chemical damage.

Aluminum is a modern variant, appreciated for its clean appearance and low weight. However, although it is very popular, the acquisition costs can be considered the highest for this material. As in the case of steel, it is advisable to choose models painted in electrostatic field, in order to enjoy them in good condition for a long time.


Refers, in this case, to the part that covers the structure and offers additional adhesion surface. And in this case, there are several types of materials from which it can be made. Many wooden models are built with support for wooden seat and back, which means that the upholstery can be missing or can be replaced by various textile pillows, which provide extra comfort.

Some opinions about the best metal garden swings conclude that this year we are looking for a lot of rattan wicker upholstery or its synthetic equivalent – poly-rattan. Rattan is a plant fiber taken from the stem of several species of palm native to various parts of the world. Either straw or rattan core can be used for garden swings or chairs.

The most resistant in time are the tapestries made of rattan straw, properly painted. Poly-rattan retains the same rustic look, but adds added durability and resistance to moisture and UV radiation. Textile upholstery is also a viable option, provided that it must be UV treated and waterproofed, given the environmental factors that a quality swing must withstand. Any model should be accessorized with pillows or armrests, to provide even more comfort in use.


Is an important aspect from an aesthetic and practical point of view. Regarding the shape, there are several models of swings. The simplest is the one with curved rail, in which you can see the legs that end with two curved soles, which facilitates the inclination in the front-back direction. These products follow a classic design or derive from it and are more suitable when you want to give a rustic, romantic, vintage air to the whole garden.

A second option is the swivel swings. These are real garden chairs placed on a fixed platform, usually circular. A spring system allows the object to be tilted in all directions, depending on the change of the occupant's center of gravity. Often, these options are slightly more expensive than traditional products.

Regardless of the chosen version, analyze very well the exterior appearance, trying to adapt it and match it as well as possible with the rest of the garden furniture items you have, or even with the furniture in the house, when you place it on the terrace. In addition to shape and style, size can be considered important enough. Knowing these coordinates, you will be able to guess how the object fits in the space and how it will fit in the yard, garden or terrace.


Can be considered important, especially in the context in which you are trying to find a cheap and good garden swing. If you have slightly higher demands on such an item, be prepared to take a considerable amount of money out of your pocket.

Models made of aluminum or noble wood are known to be slightly more expensive. Also, a natural and hand-woven rattan upholstery can have a cost. The more durable and resilient the swing is, the higher the price will be. Last but not least, the more sophisticated design is one of the factors that contribute and motivate the respective parameter.

Now you have the most important selection criteria and all you have to do is find the offer that will make you smile the most. The advantage of products ordered online is not only a cheaper purchase price than in stores, but also a greater diversity of models from which you can choose. If the product does not live up to your standards, you can return or replace it.

Recommended models in 2020

How to mount a garden swing seat

When you want to make a quiet place in your yard, where you can enjoy the free moments you have, a garden swing could be helpful. Positioned where and how it should be, it will have a very pleasant aesthetic effect and will change for the better the way the space around your house looks, but also the way you relax.

Read the instructions carefully and identify the component parts

For starters, what you need to do is study the textbook very well and see what the specialists who wrote it recommend. There you will find all kinds of useful tips and instructions that will help you complete this work.

Also, pay attention to the parts that the package contains and make sure that you have identified them all, so that you can easily put them together, according to the assembly scheme.

Prepare the ground

When you want to buy and install a garden swing, you must also choose a suitable place for it, so that everything is as good as possible and you can enjoy it safely.

First of all, prepare the surface that you will place. This should be flat, with no bumps or elements that could hurt you during use or that could make you feel uncomfortable. Eventually, you could opt for a cement or lawn space, depending on your preferences.

The lawn will look better, but it will be harder to care for and you will be kept away from the swing if it rains more. The cement does not have an extremely pleasant aesthetic appearance, but it represents a flat surface that does not restrict your access to the swing, in the event that it has just rained.

Second, make sure that when you want to sway, you have enough space both in front and in the back to do so safely and comfortably.

Prepare the necessary tools and protective equipment

Before you start, keep in mind that you will also need a series of tools. They depend a lot on the type of swing chosen and what the package contains. Some come with the mounting kit and you will have everything you need, others you need a lot more tools to get if you do not have them.

It is also very likely that you will need protective equipment, such as gloves, helmet, etc. Think that one is to choose a common rocker, which you simply place on a straight ground, wherever you want, and another is to opt for a model that must be stuck in the ground or caught from above in order to work.

Fix all the elements well

If you get to the point where you need to assemble all the parts, make sure you place them as well as possible, so that they don't move more than they should and don't get injured during use, due to the fact that you didn't fix the elements well components.

Do not think that it is good and so, even if they are not very stable, but do everything to install it as tight and stable as possible, because most likely it will be used by children, but also by the elderly, and they must either in complete safety.

Wipe away traces of dirt

When everything is ready, in order to complete the work, wipe the swing from the dirt left after transport or assembly. Use a cleaning solution and a soft cloth, which it is good to choose depending on the material from which your product is made. Mixtures are different from metal, wood or plastic to textile, for example.

How to clean and store garden swings seats

If you have a garden swing seat, you must pay special attention to this product, in case you want to extend its life, because it is generally installed outdoors. You need to know how to store it when the weather is not very good, under what conditions and how to clean it when it gets dirty. For this, we welcome you with a series of tips.

Cover it when it rains

When the product you have consists of elements that can be damaged by rain, it is best to always have a tarpaulin at hand to cover it. For example, wood may rot, plastic may lose color, and some metals may rust. Thus, a canopy will protect it, but it will also give you the opportunity to use it immediately after the rain, without having to wait for it to dry.

Clean it of snow when it snows or cover it

If you do not have a swing that can be tightened and stored during the winter, we recommend that you consider clearing the cradle of snow when it settles. Why? Because as above, moisture can affect it and over time it will not have the same appearance or even the same resistance. If you want, you can also cover it when winter comes, so that you don't always have to worry about having to snow on it.

Store it in winter in a covered space

Do you have a folding seesaw that simply sits on the floor and can be easily stored? Then gather it and put it in a favorable space, when the weather is not very favorable. It doesn't make sense to leave it in the rain, snow and cold, if you can still take it easily and quickly to a warehouse.

Be careful where you store it, so as not to damage it

The room in which you choose to keep the swing for a less pleasant time, must be chosen carefully. Pay special attention to the possible presence of rodents, which can damage wooden or nylon surfaces. We know very well that these unwanted guests are present quite frequently in the annexes of households.

Also, see what you have next. Do not keep it close to substances that can give off unpleasant odors (gasoline, diesel, etc.), do not place it on objects that have shapes that can damage it or near strong heat sources, which can facilitate ignition (stove from the boiler, e.g).

When cleaning, pay attention to cleaning materials and tools

In general, swings are made of a combination of materials – wood with metal, metal with plastic, etc. When it is necessary to remove various stains of dirt from its surface or to clean it regularly, because the dust has settled, use cloths and solutions that are suitable. For example, for a model made of plastic or metal you can use more water, but for a wooden one you need a special wiping solution.

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