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The best video projector in 2020 – Reviews and Tests


How do you choose the best video projector? What do you need to know and look for to choose a good video projector? We detail the basic criteria to help you make the right choice to watch your favorite movies, series and games in the best conditions.

Home Projector, Full HD 1920 X1080P Intelligent LED Projector with Android 7.1 Smart System Heat Dissipation HD Wireless Simultaneous Screen Home Media Video Player Theater (white)
  • ♣【FULL HD LED PROJECTOR】Trapezoid correction function, easy to adjust the picture. 1920 X1080P Full HD LED projector, possess high definition, good projection effect
  • ♣【GREAT HEAT DISSIPATION】Three-level heat dissipation system of LCD + power supply + LED , greatly increase the effective air volume of the air duct, isolation of high and low temperature areas, ensure the low temperature rise environment of the core components, and ensure long-term reliable operation of the product in high temperature environments
  • ♣【HD WIRELESS SIMULTANEOUS SCREEN】Supports high-definition wireless simultaneous screen, which can quickly realize the wireless simultaneous screen of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices, and the screen can be changed to 4 meters in seconds
  • ♣【PRO&HEALTHY DESIGN】Adopting the principle of diffuse reflection projection, even if you watch for a long time, you will not feel eyestrain, which is a healthy way for the whole family to watch movies
  • ♣【SMART SYSTEM】Built-in for Android 7.1 smart system, no need for external devices, direct online viewing, smarter and more convenient
wendeekun Video Projector, 1080p Full HD Projector, Full High Definition LED Portable Projector Smart Home Theater Projector, for Home and Office(Blue&White)
  • Portable to play anywhere, portable designed and simple operation make it easy to carry and set up, to enjoy video games, TV series and football matches with lovers or family anywhere.
  • Flexible projection, home theater projector supports 1920x1080 resolution with 20000 hours long term bulb life. Offer 20‑80 inch project size and 1.2M‑3.0M projection distance, giving you clear frame and projection size of up 80 inches.
  • Built‑in powerful function speaker can provide clear sound will meet your daily needs, also can connect home theater system for better sound via 3.5mm audio output.
  • Professional manufacturing, stable characteristics and high reliability.
  • Wide compatibility, with for HDMI/AV/USB and memory card ports, can flexibly connect to various devices like for firesticks/TV boxes/PC/laptops/PS4/XBOX/USB drives. You can also connect it for IOS computer/IOS phone/Android smartphones(For IOS to HDMI adapter or wireless HDMI/MHL adapter not included). Not recommend for PPT business presentations.
Xuzuyic High Definition LCD Projector,Tv Box/Satellites Pot/Computer/DVD/Game Machine Video Input,Compatible with Smartphone,Tv Stick,Games,Hdmi,Av,Projector for Outdoor Movies(White-480P)
  • ❤ STEREO  : For AV video audio/USB/memory card/HDMI/VGA input, loudspeaker/stereo headphone output.
  • ❤ VIDEO INPUT  : TV box/satellites pot/computer/DVD/game machine video input.
  • ❤ SUPPORT 23 LANGUAGES  : LED light brightness of 1800LM, support for Dolby sound effect, support 23 country languages.
  • ❤ 1080P RESOLUTION  : Maximum support 1080P resolution, support all for Android/IOS mobile phone, wired and wireless same screen.
  • ❤ HIGH PERFORMANCE  : Professional manufacturing, stable characteristics and high reliability.

What is the advantage of a video projector over a high definition TV? First of all, the size of the image. The image can be projected on a wall a few meters in size.

A TV of similar size probably costs as much as a luxury car. So, if you want to have a complete cinematic experience in your living room, a quality video projector is the perfect choice.

How do you choose the best video projector?


The last thing you want from the projector image is to be too bright or too faded. This mainly depends on the size of the room where you use the projector, the distance to the screen or wall and the brightness of the projector lamp (which is measured in lumens).

If the projector has a low lumen value (less than 1000) then you will have to use the projector in a small space because the distance at which you can view the images is not very large.

At values ​​above 1500 lumens the projector should work smoothly in a spacious room or even in a small cinema. A projector with 2000 lumens can easily project the image even 6 meters away.

Even if you have a projector with a high brightness, you can use it in a smaller room such as the living room or living room of your home. The image will be just as good even if the projector is only 2-3 meters away.

The most important thing to remember is to choose a projector with a brightness of at least 1000 lumens. If you move and your new living room is bigger you will not have light problems.

When using the video projector, make sure you keep the camera as dark as possible. A stream of light coming in from the window or another room can cause headaches. As in the cinema, the darker the room, the better the viewing experience.

Something about lamps

The average lifespan of a lamp is between 2000 and 400o hours. For almost the entire duration of use, the image will remain good and bright, but, I hope the end of the lamp's life, it will start to be weaker and weaker.

If you use the projector at full power very often, expect a lifespan of up to 2000 hours. If you use the economy modes, the lamp will last up to 4000 hours. A projector lamp will cost you a few hundred lei when it comes time to change it.

Some tips to increase lamp life:

  • periodically cleans the filters and dust vents;
  • do not obstruct the cooling fan – keep the projector in open space during use;
  • do not turn off the projector as soon as it has been switched on, wait at least 5 minutes.

Projection screen

Some users prefer to project the image directly on the wall, while others use a special screen for video projection. White screens are the most common, but using a gray projection screen will give you more contrast.

As I said above, the room where you view the images of the projector must be as dark as possible. However, if it is difficult to completely darken the camera, a gray screen will be even more useful. Compared to the white screen, the gray screen will not reflect light from the outside as well, which leads to better image quality.

As for the screen size, it depends on the size of the room where you will use it. You don't have to buy the biggest screen available if you use it in a small room. If you have an exclusive room for watching movies, think about buying a bigger screen that can be permanently mounted.

You will have to choose between two types of screen: 4: 3 (full screen, square) or 16: 9 (wide screen, ideal for movies). We recommend choosing a 16: 9 screen, because most video content produced today complies with this format. This way you will not have black edges up and down when watching a movie, as is the case with the 4: 3 screen.

As for the screen, you can buy a fixed one that will be mounted on the wall, or a portable one, which tightens and can be easily moved. If you are not going to move in the next 10 years, go for the fixed version.

To decide the optimal distance of the projector from the screen, you need to consider a number of factors, such as the size of the room, the brightness of the projector, and more. It would be best to search the Internet for a remote computer that will help you place it optimally.

We hope that the tips above will help you to make your home cinema easier. If you choose the right combination of screen and video projector, you will watch TV, movies, games and more on a generous screen in the best conditions.

The best video projector: recommendations

Taking into account the criteria presented above, the opinions of buyers and analyzing the offer on the market, we chose some models of video projectors with a good quality / price ratio that we present below.

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