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The best vertical vacuum cleaner – Our recommendations for 2020


Vertical vacuum cleaners are increasingly sought after because they are easy to use, smaller in size and can often work with batteries. They can work dry, but often wet, have all kinds of accessories and can often be used as handheld devices. If you just want to make such a purchase and are looking for a list of top products from the online environment, read this guide.

How to choose the best vertical vacuum cleaner

Buyer's guide

The sanitation of the living space can prove to be a process that consumes not only time, but also energy, thus constituting a rather tiring activity. Most people use various devices that facilitate this process, the most popular of which are vacuum cleaners. However, the emphasis is not always on convenience, but on efficiency.

Therefore, in order to combine both advantages, vertical vacuum cleaners have appeared, which even if they are not as efficient as the classic vacuum cleaners, allow to reduce the working time, ease in handling and save the users a lot of efforts.

These appliances are found in abundance on the market, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Even if it is good for potential users to have a diversified offer to choose from, diversity can also be a source of indecision.

To select from the multitude of offers a convenient model for personal needs and to decide which is the most efficient device among the best vertical vacuum cleaners, you can consider a series of parameters that will help you easily evaluate any product.

In conclusion, taking into account all these aspects and adapting them to the requirements of the space to be cleaned, you will be able to discern and compare between several models of vacuum cleaners with rod. Potential users who want to find out where to find vertical vacuum cleaners at a good price will be delighted to discover that there are enough advantageous offers online.

So, if you have decided to buy a cheap and best vertical vacuum cleaner, we recommend you to buy it from the internet. The price offers are better, the quality and guarantee of the products is the same, you save time, and if you are not satisfied with the purchase made, you can return or replace the product.


Determines two essential categories: electrically powered models or battery-operated parts. A vertical vacuum cleaner is a compact device, provided with a rod that allows the user easy and comfortable handling, because it requires him to maintain a straight back position while working. These appliances are equipped with motors that offer lower power than traditional vacuum cleaners, and the containers for collecting impurities have a small capacity, between 0.3l and 2l.

If you want to spend a minimum of funds and you have a large house, but in which the rooms are not very large, choose those with power supply. Cordless vacuum cleaners are models whose maneuverability depends on the length of the power cord, but they have two major advantages: the suction power is superior to that offered by a cordless vacuum cleaner and can operate constantly, as long as they are connected to the mains.

When you live in a medium-sized house, but you have large rooms and you want to have easy access to any area of ​​the house, implicitly maximum mobility, you choose a cordless vacuum cleaner. These are to be appreciated because they function as autonomous systems, based on batteries. Although they can be considered much more comfortable to use, the suction power will have a lower value and will be conditioned by the battery life, a period that can vary between 15 and 50 minutes, for a conventional device.

Another classification of vertical vacuum cleaner models is made according to the suction mode. Thus, there are three major types: those intended for dry vacuuming, washing devices and appliances that operate on steam. Of these, the most popular and affordable models can be considered those for dry vacuuming, while the types specialized in wet cleaning have functions similar to those of an electric mop, but are slightly more expensive. If you know that family members are more clumsy and always spill fluids, it is good to buy the multifunctional version.


Tells you how efficient a cordless model is in the household or which is the best vertical corded vacuum cleaner, depending on 2 major parameters: motor power, how much of it is taken up by the brush at the actual suction, and the autonomy time of batteries for wireless models.

When you want to vacuum quickly, with a busier schedule and never enough time for thorough cleaning, you need a vacuum cleaner with the highest power you can find on the market, because you will want to take over all the dirt in one go. Vertical vacuum cleaners are not designed to provide the same power as classic models.

Usually, you will find the mentioned standardized motor power, which differs from the real absorption power, but it is easily deduced that: if the standard value is high, the suction speed will be better. The power values ​​will be measured in Watts, and if you correlate them with other technical values ​​mentioned in the product descriptions, such as the voltage at which they work, you can easily guess their efficiency.

If you choose the wireless version, think about how long it takes you to sanitize the whole house. We believe that for a moderately sized apartment, 30 minutes is enough to vacuum everywhere. If you live at home, you will even orient yourself towards the best wireless vertical vacuum cleaners, because they have an extended autonomy that can approach even 1 hour.

Do you live in a studio or in a 2-room apartment? – For short cleaning periods you can also choose a model with an autonomy of 15-20 minutes. At the same time, it is important to calculate the ratio between the charging time of the device and the autonomy time, there are models in which a full charge lasts even 16 hours.

Filtration system:

Will be considered important for practical reasons and can work in two ways for a vertical vacuum cleaner: based on a filter or with cyclonic technology, used in the case of bagless vacuum cleaners. The filter can be a classic one, but there are also models equipped with HEPA (High-efficiency particulate arrestance) filters. If family members are allergic to dust, look for a part with a HEPA filter, because these variants are high-performance filters that have an efficiency of 99.97%, meaning that they do not allow the recirculation of dust particles and allergens when evacuating air into the home.

For cyclonic technology you can have a filter before evacuation and the engine, even if it does not use a main filter, instead it separates the air impurities in a cyclonic tank by centrifugation at high speeds, being also considered very efficient. In conclusion, if you have people in your family with certain special health conditions and you want to avoid the risk of triggering allergies or asthma attacks, experts recommend the use of a HEPA filter device.


From it derives the ergonomics of the device and the advantages offered by the basic functions with which a vertical vacuum cleaner can be equipped. An ergonomic device will be characterized by an anatomically adjustable shape, for example, a rubber grip handle for easy grip. At the same time, the ergonomics rule will allow the user to vacuum various surfaces and in different spaces, even in the hard to reach ones.

For this reason, there are models of vertical vacuum cleaners on the market that can be transformed into hand vacuum cleaners. The functions must include automatic suction speed control, and the device must be properly equipped with standard accessories, nozzle or suction brush, some models even have motorized accessories.


Do you want to have comfort in use? – To determine how easy you can work with a vertical vacuum cleaner, the dimensions and weight of the vacuum cleaner must be taken into account, and for wired models, its length. The more compact and light a device is, the easier it will be to handle. In this regard, it is important to consider even the capacity of the collecting container for dust and impurities. It is preferable a larger capacity, but also a compacted container that does not take up unnecessary space.

Maintenance and reliability: allow the user to determine if the chosen vacuum cleaner model will require some additional costs. The reliability will be given by the resistance of the materials that are part of the product and by how safe it is in use. Most classic filter devices require careful cleaning after each use and replacement after 5-6 uses. Potential buyers are advised to ensure that they can easily purchase the filter model corresponding to the chosen product, in case it needs to be changed. Products with a cyclonic tank require emptying it after each use, and bag models, emptying or replacing it.

How to use a vertical vacuum cleaner

A vertical vacuum cleaner can be an extremely useful household appliance when you want to quickly sanitize the floor and carpets in your home. Whether it is models with a dust bag or a filter, vacuum cleaners can be easily used when following a few simple instructions.


In the case of a battery-powered device, check the state of charge of the battery and decide the surface you want to clean, depending on the accumulated dust and the size of the target camera. Thus, you will be able to schedule your working time according to the capacity of the vacuum cleaner, so that you do not have to stop in the middle of a room because the battery has run out. Some models may have indicator lights to indicate the state of charge of the battery.

In the case of vacuum cleaners powered by wire, keep your attention on the motor, which can heat up in case of prolonged operation. Make sure you can take 5-10 minute breaks to allow them time to cool. Also, check the length of the wire to know in advance if it will be necessary to stop during cleaning to change the power outlet. Although not a major drawback, repeated stops to move the wire from one outlet to another can extend the total working time.

Accumulation capacity

Before starting work, you must check the condition of the filters and make sure that there are no textile fragments or lint that clog the suction holes. Depending on the model and the mechanism for retaining impurities, the vacuum cleaners can be filtered or with cyclonic technology. The second variant has a collection container, with a volume that varies depending on the model, which will have to be emptied and cleaned periodically.

If you notice that lint or dust remains behind the vacuum cleaner while cleaning, you will need to check the fullness of the dirt storage tank. In the case of vacuum cleaners with filter, it should be cleaned after each use, so that you can use it directly on the next occasion. Loading it can reduce the suction force and overheat the engine, which, if it persists, can cause it to malfunction.

Use the included accessories

Many models of vacuum cleaners have suction brushes of different sizes that can be used to clean narrower spaces or hard-to-reach corners of the house. Keeping the brushes clean and using them according to the instructions in the user manual of the device can contribute to obtaining a final quality result, without the persistence of dust in the less visible areas of the rooms.

Safe use

It is not advisable to vacuum large, heavier, or sharper edges, as this may damage the device.

It is indicated to periodically check, during the cleaning process, the permeability of the vacuum cleaner's tubing, in order to prevent its blockage with large lint, paper or hair follicles.

In the case of devices powered by cable, it is indicated to avoid aspiration or ironing, in order to prevent possible accidents by electric shock.

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