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The best grills for your garden – Top 10 by Reviewsandtests.com


The best grill – Our recommendations for 2020

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A carefully chosen garden grill will keep you for several years after purchase. But for this you have to spend considerable time, analyzing the different existing offers, the price categories and if it is suitable enough for the needs of your family. Fortunately, you can overcome this stage, because we tell you from the start which model is on the first position in our top: Blackstone 36″ Propane Gas Griddle Cooking Station.

We recommend it thanks to the fact that it is powered by gas, so you get rid of coal, blackness, smoke and burning fire, it has a large surface for cooking, preparation and storage space, you can transport it thanks to the locking wheels, and the entire metal construction is resistance to contact with working temperature.

If you are interested in a more compact model, for a small family, we have another suitable option, in the product position Char-Broil Performance Series 2.

How to choose a good garden grill

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Buyer's guide

With the summer season already in full swing, it was expected that most weekends would become an opportunity for nature outings. By default, outdoor cooking has a strong tradition, being preferred as a method by many people. Therefore, any self-respecting owner has an outdoor grill, whether it is a fixed model or a portable garden or camping barbecue.

If you are among those who want to choose the perfect product from the best garden grills, but do not know where to start your search, we suggest you focus more on an online purchase. Even so, we do not always have the necessary information to help us make a wise decision, so we have prepared a short list of selection criteria for a quality grill.

The portable grill is a smaller piece, which can be structured in two ways: with a compact shape (pre-assembled) or with assembly for each use. Of course, these devices have smaller dimensions and a higher degree of maneuverability. At the same time, they are the most suitable to be transported by car, camping or hiking.

You have to keep in mind that most products on the market of this kind are half the size of fixed models, allowing the preparation of food for a limited number of people and requiring multiple use in a single cooking session. They can have a rectangular or circular shape, the dimensions varying around 30cm, as side or diameter.

Type of supply:

Refers to the way in which the active part is heated from a thermal point of view. Depending on the fuel consumed, you have three important options: the electric garden grill, the gas grill and the classic charcoal products.

The electric garden grill:

is an option with limited caloric power and which implicitly depends on the connection to an electrical network. You can easily guess that such a model is really quite economical, but it cannot be used in camping or on the go. The most advantageous part for this product is that it heats up quickly and offers the possibility to cook food evenly, thus optimizing and shortening the cooking time. Since the ingredients do not come into direct contact with the open flame, the preparation can be considered the healthiest.

The gas grill:

is one of the most modern solutions and involves the supply of butane or propane, usually from separately purchased bottles, which thus increase the degree of portability of the device. Even so, the products in this range seem to be the most voluminous, on average. However, they have the advantage that they allow you to start baking almost instantly, immediately after ignition.

Also, the frying temperature can be adjusted so that the baking is done as evenly as possible, especially compared to charcoal devices. The even greater advantage is given by multiple burners, as the case may be, which by different intensity adjustment can specifically prepare the ingredients at the same time (vegetables and meat separately).

Charcoal grilling:

is the oldest method and continues to be a very popular solution, as it gives a specific taste to food. The flame takes a long time to stabilize, so that the hot coals emit the necessary caloric energy, so the heating time can be extended quite a bit.

However, since the ingredients are cooked slowly, they keep their moisture, lightly frying in their own juice, becoming more tender, hence the distinctive taste. Of course, these variants are the most popular to be taken in camping, in nature, with sufficiently small dimensions, as to be transported by car or even manually.


Is a factor that contributes to the efficiency and easy use of the product. Certainly, it is about the material from which the hob is made, because it comes into contact with food and has the role of disseminating caloric energy. The most common models are stainless steel grills, this being a durable solution, resistant, easy to sanitize and very convenient in price.

Also, this type of steel is stainless, avoiding the risk of chemical interaction with the prepared ingredients. The less advantageous parts can be summarized in conductivity and its consequences. Maybe not many people know, but stainless steel is not a very good conductor of heat, and the diffusion is relatively uneven, forming the so-called hot spots, which fry food unevenly.

Another slightly more expensive option is the cast iron grill, a very resistant and durable material, when properly maintained. It is an alloy of iron, carbon and other secondary elements, very popular in general, in terms of kitchen utensils. The advantage is that cast iron gradually accumulates heat, diffusing it even later, for a certain period of time after the source of combustion has been removed.

The surface of this material becomes non-adherent as it is used more often, because the grease impregnates the pores of the alloy, forming a thin film on the surface. At the same time, the heat is distributed evenly, without hot spots. The disadvantage is that it heats up quite slowly and has a rather high weight for a portable part.


Is also a very important parameter, because the investment is not worth the money, as long as you rarely use the product you are preparing to buy. So, consider very well what type of barbecue you prefer and under what conditions you will use it. Of course, the newer, gas-powered models are also the most expensive, but they can be considered even more efficient than the rest of the examples.

The most convenient are the small charcoal models, which are sold at prices for all pockets and are not very difficult to use. It is best to do a careful study of the online market, before ordering the best gas grill or choosing an electric model, so as to properly adapt the product to personal needs.

Now you have at your disposal all the necessary indications and advice, meant to help you find the right model, choosing it from the multitude of offers. If you want to benefit from possible price reductions, we recommend you order it from the internet. The quality and guarantee of the products is the same, you save time, and if you are not satisfied with the characteristics of the received item, you can return it or exchange it with a more efficient one.

Recommended models 2020

How to use a garden grill

Once you have decided what type of product to choose and you have selected either the mobile (portable) or the fixed mounting version, it will be useful to find out some secrets of using and maintaining a garden grill. If you want to become an ace of Barbeque parties with friends, we suggest you continue reading our suggestions.

Installation of a fixed grill

You saw, at friends or at the boarding houses where you stayed, fixed garden grills, which were more and more spectacular; if you have come to the conclusion that you want to have something like this in the yard, we suggest you start by establishing a flat surface (usually a poured concrete slab), strategically positioned in front of the house, terrace and oriented even according to from where you have the nearest door to the kitchen.

To assemble the components, you need a quality adhesive for cement, heat-resistant and fast-drying, an idea that most manufacturers propose. The dome and the bricks that form the walls must be carefully positioned, and for the upper part you may need the help of another person to fix it. Drying the adhesive can take at least 3 hours and varies depending on the brand and composition. When you can't manage to place the pieces and put them together like a puzzle, a simple search on Youtube offers you some useful demonstration videos.

Installation of the mobile grill

If you have opted for a model with fuel, respectively powered by gas, it is useful to read the assembly diagram, to find out what component parts it has and how to arrange them correctly. It is important to place it on a perfectly horizontal surface, at a suitable distance from any obstacle. The connection with the gas cylinder must include the original parts, previously checked for defects.

For charcoal models, it is enough to fix the device in the area where you are going to use it, taking into account the smoke to be produced and the fact that the object will heat up. All metal components must be handled with the necessary precautions, when the grill is in operation.


The grill should never be used indoors. It will not be mounted on unstable or mobile platforms or surfaces. Gas variants are used exclusively with this type of fuel, being prohibited the use of coal or other substances as improvisation. All connections must be made in accordance with the user manual, and in this case, you can seek the advice or assistance of a specialist.

Cleaning of wood / coal variants

The grill is left to burn for a few minutes, after the fire is lit. If food debris has been charred, remove with a wire brush. Using napkins soaked in oil, grease the grill, then prevent the food from sticking.

Cleaning is done before, not after use, to prevent rust. Traces of food or ash will be removed from the inside after each use. The exterior is wiped about once every 4 weeks with degreaser, so as not to become sticky.

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