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The best beard trimmer 2020 – Reviews and Tests


How do you choose the best beard trimmer? What functions and accessories should the beard trimmer have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

Mens Hair Clippers Set, Multifunctional USB Rechargeable Beard Trimmer, Travel Men Hair Cutting Kit, Haircut Machine Barber Clippers Set Accessories
  • Durable Blade: Hair clippers with self-sharpening stainless steel blade designed for stay shape longer & efficient precise smooth trim and cut. Perfect choice of hair clippers for men/kids/barbers.
  • Quiet, Powerful Rotary Motor: Our mens hair clippers equipped with a strong motor provides substantial power and speed, has low noise design.
  • Smart Sharpening: The Professional hair clipper features self-sharpening and self-cooling. Updated angle design ensures you can cut through thick and stiff hair smoothly in case of your hair stuck issue.
  • Multifunctional: It can be used for shaving beard, trimming sideburns, and trimming nose hair, take care of hair and unwanted hair easily. Floating Shaving Head, follow the contours of the face and shave more powerfully.
  • Fast Charging and Durable Using: After one time full charge, this hair cutting kit lasts for 180 minutes cordless running while supports corded mode.
guiseniour T Blade Trimmer for Men Cordless Hair Liners Electric Hair Trimmer Zero Gapped Baldheaded Hair Beard Trimmer for Men Electric Hair Clippers for Men Haircut
  • Ergonomic design hair clipper, all-metal body, Exquisite and compact for comfortable grip. With the T-blade design, it also a great beard trimmer, suiatble for favarious hair type.
  • This hair trimmer clipper have a built-in high capacity lithium-ion battery, charging with USB cable, can provide hours of hair cutting operation. The LED display clearly shows remaining power.
  • Quiet, low noise superior performance hair clippers. Convenient and energy saving, with power display.
  • This cordless hair trimmer formen with 3 types of limit combs can precisely trim the length of hair, so novices can easily style, suitable for the whole family.
  • Precision Sharp T-blades Trimmer, made of T-shaped stainless steel blades, works smoothly and quickly, automatic sharpening, no hair sticking, slow heat generation, wear resistance.
YQDSY Electric Shavers Men Multifunctional Hair Beard Trimmer Pop Up Trimmer
  • Fast Charging and Led Display, 1 Hour Full Charge, up to 90 Minutes of Use, Smart Led Display with Low Battery Warning.
  • Usb Charging, Use While Charging, Enjoy Shaving Anytime, Anywhere.
  • Open Travel Lock When You Go Out to Prevent Accidental Booting, Making Business Trips Convenient and Worry‑Free.
  • Intelligent Control, Easy Handling, Full Body Washing, Dry and Wet Shave, No Need to Disassemble Cutter Head, Whole Hine Supports Washing.
  • Three‑Dimensional Floating Cutter Head, 360 Degrees Fits Contour, Shaves Beard Without Leaving Stubble.
(DKKPIA) USB DC Charging Cable Cord for Wahl 9916-4301 Beard Stubble Rechargeable Trimmer
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Anself 2-in-1 Electric Shaver Kit for Men' s Beard Shaving Trimming & Grooming Perfect Multi-functional Beard Razor with LCD Screen Sideburn Trimmer Cordless Replaceable & Rechargeable
  • Handy size, equipped with a plastic lid, you can easily put it in bag or pocket, great for your daily and travel.
  • USB rechargeable, usually it takes 2 hours to be fully recharged and can be used for 120 minutes.
  • 2-In-1 Hair trimmer, can be used for hair trimming, beard shaving and face hair removal.
  • Powerful beard shaver, it has a good blade, which helps you trim your beard effectively.
  • One button operation, easy to use, you will be able to get a close-comfortable shave.

In recent years, men have been increasingly encouraged to express their style and personality through the way they arrange their beard. But, if you are a man, you certainly know that facial hair is not easy to maintain, and a careless beard is not at all attractive.

Brands have felt your need to always look flawless, which is why they have launched several hair care devices on the market, including the beard trimmer.

Whether you want to use it to trim or shave your beard, find out how you can choose the best beard trimmer.

Why choose the best beard trimmer?

The best beard trimmer offers you multiple arrangement possibilities, so that the beard you wear represents you as well as possible. An ideal beard trimmer will allow you increased control so that you can trim your facial hair with high precision.

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All this comes with ease of use, an attractive and comfortable design, as well as the comfort of being able to arrange yourself at home. Professional facial hair care at the salon could cost you a lot of money. On the other hand, if you buy the best hair clipper, you will be able to enjoy the quality of services from a salon in the comfort of your home.

At the moment, there are a lot of beard clippers on the market, but also other clippers in general that look very similar. Therefore, it may be difficult to choose a hair clipper for your needs. In fact, even between the beard clippers available on the market there are subtle differences, which will make your search for the best device of this kind quite difficult.

And the prices of these products vary a lot, but how can you choose the best price / quality ratio? We encourage you to carefully consult a shopping guide that outlines every aspect you need to check in order to make the best choice.

The best beard trimmer: how to choose

We have anticipated this need of yours and we have already prepared such a guide that you will be able to read further. Therefore, in your choice take into account the following important aspects:

The quality of the blades

The cutting system plays a very important role in the efficiency of such a good. A beard trimmer that looks good, but has a blade quality that leaves much to be desired, not only will it not give you the results you expect, but it will also steal a lot of your time and will definitely create a bad mood. .

In order for your investment to be worthwhile, you need to make sure that the blades are made of stainless steel and have a self-sharpening system. Otherwise, the blades will need to be blunted and you will need to sharpen them regularly to a specialist. Titanium-plated blades are also a good and durable variant, but also more expensive, and the self-lubrication function will guarantee you optimal blade precision.

Different heads of action

The best beard trimmer comes with at least 5 different heads. Although it works on a larger surface when used without any such head, these heads give you the opportunity to have more control over the shape you want to give your beard.

Regardless of the shape and style you plan to approach, the action heads that work on a smaller surface of action, will help you to model according to your desires the area of ​​the perceptions, the jaw line, as well as the mustache with maximum precision.

Such a device must also contain a head for removing unwanted hair from the nose or ears.


Also included in the category of accessories included are combs. As with any hair removal machine, combs are important for adjusting the size of the haircut.

The combs can be fixed or adjustable, the adjustable variant being the most convenient. This way you will have small combs that will give a haircut very close to the skin, or slightly larger combs that will cut your beard so that it keeps your prominent appearance.

The variant with comb adjustment must allow you an adjustment that starts from 0.5-2 mm and reaches a maximum value of 15-16 mm. The version without adjustable combs, allows you to attach a comb every time to get the desired result, and is a variant that will take you a little longer.

In general, 3-4 fixed hair combs will be enough to arrange your beard the way you want.

The material

We have already discussed the material from which the blades must be made, stainless steel or titanium plywood, but also the material from which the casing of the device is made, the actual part that you will hold in your hand, is important. This often determines the stability and ease of use of the device.

Here again the compromise between product durability and portability or ease of use appears. It is recommended to buy a beard trimmer made of a material resistant to shocks and shocks, but also a material that is not very heavy.

Plastic is a light variant, but not very resistant, while metal appliances are very resistant, but also heavier.

Another aspect that is more related to ergonomics is the presence of rubber inserts on the body of the beard trimmer, so that it allows you a good grip even when using it with wet hands.

The best beard trimmer works on the basis of a rechargeable battery. However, there are also variants with power cord on the market, which we do not recommend because they are impractical, as well as variants with classic batteries that need to be replaced.

Any such device that works wirelessly is a desirable option, but the best one is the one with a rechargeable battery. It gives you almost 2 hours of continuous use after a full charge, long enough for several use sessions.

If you have opted for a razor with classic batteries, make sure you always have more spare batteries.

Maintenance and cleaning

In general, you will not have to do anything special to maintain such a device, but cleaning it is an important thing, so the cleaning process should be as easy and as short as possible. You are aware that such a device should only be used in a dedicated space, because the cut hairs can easily fall on the surrounding surfaces.

This is why an ideal beard trimmer has a built-in tank to collect these strands of dust, which sucks the hair cut from the active ends.

The appliance should also allow you to clean it under running water without any risk of water penetrating the electrical part of the device. This cleaning is one of the most important aspects of the maintenance of the appliance and must be done after each use. Otherwise, the hairs will clump together and will severely affect the accuracy and efficiency of the device.

What features and accessories should the best beard trimmer have?

Active ends – the best beard trimmer must include at least 5 special active ends, of different sizes and shapes to shape or remove hair from the most difficult or sensitive areas of the face.

Combs – fixed or adjustable, they are important to control the level of depth of the haircut you want.

LED indicator – a light that tells you what the battery level is so that you can charge it early and not have unpleasant problems, for example to run out of battery when you have half a beard to fix and you hurry.

Cleaning brush – a large, very bushy brush that helps you remove hair that has fallen on your skin or clothes.

Solution for lubricating the blades – the blades need to be lubricated from time to time so as not to damage and to maintain their operating speed. That is why it is necessary from time to time to apply this solution for lubricating the blades.

Cover – cover is very important when transporting, but also when storing the beard trimmer. It must contain special compartments for each head as well as for the comb and the device itself. This way you will transport the device safely, without risking it being filled with dust or lint.

Laser guidance – the most powerful beard clippers come equipped with a laser guidance function that projects a line of light, which aligns the profile before trimming. This way you will get a precise contour of the chin with very straight lines.


The warranty period is very important because defects independent of you may occur along the way. Sometimes manufacturing defects can occur in the ends or combs. Any error must be borne and repaired by the manufacturer. So choose a beard trimmer with at least a 24 month warranty.

The best beard trimmer: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips and user opinions, we can further recommend some models of beard clippers that offer excellent quality / price ratio.

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