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The best air fryer – Our recommendations for 2020

best air fryer - The best air fryer - Our recommendations for 2020

Healthy cooking, with less oil, has come into the attention of more and more people, and a quick way to do this, without heating the house and filling it with smells, is to use one of the best air fryer. It does not require oil at all, maybe just a drop, depending on the recipe, and the dishes will be brown and, more importantly, nutritious and healthy.

COSORI Air Fryer,Max XL 5.8 Quart is one of our recommendations, due to its quality and characteristics, but it is also preferred by many buyers, considering the positive reviews. You can cook almost anything, from potatoes and meatballs to papanasi, it has a large capacity for up to 5-8 people, includes 11 presets programs, adjustable thermostat and has automatic shut-off, so you don't have to watch it during cooking. If you prefer a model with a smaller capacity and, implicitly, more accessible, you might like the Ultrean Air Fryer, 4.2 Quart (4 Liter).

How to choose the best air fryer – Buyer's guide

When you do not want to complicate the process of preparation and thermal processing of food, obtaining dishes as diverse as possible, without residual unpleasant odors and unwanted oil stains, the air fryer is the most popular device in a home. Although relatively new, as a level of popularity on the people home appliances market, fryers have become a sought-after device by users interested in fast or even healthy cooking. We are mainly looking for the best air fryers, because they use very little oil and allow the preparation of food with the help of steam, thus obtaining much healthier food than fried.

So, if you have decided to look for such a product, which can be sold at an advantageous price, we recommend you to choose a model from the internet, since the offer is much more diversified than in stores. To choose the best fryer, we suggest you follow some important selection criteria.


it is an aspect that allows you to anticipate how diverse the food can be prepared with the help of the fryer. Keep in mind that vegetables and meat are cooked at different temperatures, which means that the chosen device must incorporate a thermostat temperature control function. In addition to steaming, it is very good to have more possibilities for cooking, even if it involves frying or baking. The number of pre-set programs can also be taken into account in this chapter.


refers to an easy and safe use. Besides the fact that the fryer must be able to be used as easily and intuitively as possible, it is necessary to be convinced that it works in complete safety and even without supervision from the user. Each manufacturer will specify in the presentation of the fryer how autonomous it can work.

It is preferable the devices with easy to navigate menu and display on which you can easily choose the desired program. The most important option that guarantees safety in use is the sealing system. It is also very useful for the device to have an on-off button, which makes it easier to stop the activity as conveniently as possible.


represents an index of the lifetime for this type of device. Of course, in addition to a proper guarantee of conformity, we suggest you look for products that are easily sanitized. Also, this range includes models with trays and detachable components, which can be easily washed, even in the dishwasher. Opt for components made of quality materials and properly protected against gluing.

Recommended models in 2020

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