Lenovo Legion – portable laptop that takes the performance to a new level

lenovo legion review 370x260 - Lenovo Legion - portable laptop that takes the performance to a new level

First of all, the screen of this laptop is much brighter, being an IPS backpanel, it is also more suitable for multimedia. But, it sacrifices the fact that it doesn't have the 120Hz refresh rate. But, brightness, viewing angles, color accuracy, all are better with this laptop model.

Otherwise, the specifications are similar. Both have 8 GB of ram like black balls from me. Both have 1660 gtx ti video cards with the latest generation of processors.

Another plus is this good laptop model, the battery that is a little over Asus. But the sound does not rise to the same level, so somewhere there is a balance. Anyway, this model is the best laptop in this price category and I can say that it is a good laptop at all.

Description Laptop Lenovo Legion

An good laptop. Even more evolved.

A 15.6 ″ gaming laptop for students that takes the performance to a new level. The latest technologies will give you real power. Moreover, the thermally optimized system causes this laptop with a full keyboard with white backlight to run at lower temperatures and with lower noise. The Lenovo Legion Y540 laptop is ready for those who want to play from anywhere.

Hardware performance

 Reliable hardware for legendary gaming sessions

Legion laptops with 8th generation Intel® Core ™ processors are designed to support the latest gaming experiences, from testing the latest 4K titles to HDR streaming. Enjoy the advantages that will lead you to victory: speed, power, performance and quick reactions. In addition, you can play on-the-go on your Legion laptop due to its impressive battery life and slimmer and lighter design.

 Gaming has a new look

A laptop as an alternative Asus. The specifications are similar, but it points to certain chapters.

Now is the time to get acquainted with a system worthy of you: elegant on the outside, high-performance on the inside. With a thickness of only 26 mm and a weight of 2.3 kg, the Legion Y540 has been redefined to provide the perfect balance between epic gaming performance and practical portability.

 Even more power per millimeter

Expert design extends beyond design. The Legion Y540 is the result of thousands of hours of engineering spent creating a powerful and slim laptop. Lenovo engineers have used their expertise to optimally incorporate the best hardware components – 2666 MHz DDR4 memory, PCIe SSD storage, battery, port interface, cooling system and motherboard design into a powerful laptop .


 Test the limits of the games

The Legion Y540 gathers over 2 million pixels in an almost borderless 15.6 ″ FHD screen. Together with the brightness of 300 nits and the IPS Antiglare screen, this laptop gives life to your favorite games for a truly captivating mobile gaming experience.

Dolby atmosphere

 Get in the middle of the action

Dolby Atmos® attracts you in the game with a powerful sound that surrounds you with incredible precision and realism. You will always be one step ahead due to the surround sound that will give you the competitive advantage with the new Sound Radar. Listen to where every sound comes from and enjoy an audio system that attracts you and captivates you in an even more intense gaming experience.

 It's time to act

Intense sessions require command-sensitive keys. The Y540 laptop keyboard offers the best control in its range to give you a competitive advantage over your opponents. This complete keyboard offers 100% anti-ghosting, details highlighted by WASD laser engraving, response speed under 1 ms, white backlight and much more for you to have extreme control over your system.

Moreover, the Y540 is compatible with Windows Precision with multi-gesture control for effortless navigation whether you are at the office or in a gaming session.

Laptop cooling system

 Coldfront is here

Heat, the strong and traditional enemy of gaming performance, is no longer a concern thanks to Legion Coldfront. Which offers the latest features of a two-channel cooling system: individual cooling for CPU and GPU. For lower temperatures, for ventilation ducts for improved air circulation and 70 individual fan blades per cooling duct to reduce system noise.

Lenovo advantage

 Perfect your gaming style with Lenovo Vantage

Reach the next level in gaming with Vantage. Spend less time adjusting your settings and more time in the game by automating your performance, cooling and power control settings.

With a single application, you will receive support for CPU and RAM overclocking, lighting controls, real-time system performance monitoring and much more.

 Expand horizons

You need to get more from your battle station. The Legion Triple Display Support system uses HDMI 2.0 ports. MiniDisplay and Type-C so you can connect your Y540 laptop to three screens at the same time. For maximum control and immersion. Moreover, port design helps with cable management. Keeping your battle station clean and organized for maximum concentration during games.


 Connectivity in the back

The Y540 comes with a wide range of ports and connections. Connect an external device or accessory or simply charge or secure your laptop with the following ports. Located according to the image above:

  1. USB-C | 2. Mini DisplayPort | 3. USB 3.1 Gen 1 | 4. HDMI | 5. Ethernet | 6. AC adapter port | 7. Kensington® lock slot Connectivity in the side

Also, Y540 is provided with the following ports and connections, located according to the image above:

  1. USB 3.1 Gen 1 | 8. USB 3.1 Gen 1 | 9. Headphone / microphone combo jack