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How to keep your home clean without losing your nerves: 9 rules for the whole family

house cleaning - How to keep your home clean without losing your nerves: 9 rules for the whole family

I do not know if you have heard or not, but today there is such a profession – space organizer. Recently I participated in the seminar of such a specialist and I came home with 9 rules that I try to follow.

So here's how to get rid of the chaos in the house and keep your house clean.

Make the order at least visually

If we talk about the kitchen, then there should be nothing or almost nothing on the counter. You will discover how much space you have, which you can use for cooking. The fewer visible objects, the cleaner the kitchen looks. A welcome idea is also to change all cutlery in different colors, choose one in the same shades.

Eliminate what irritates you the most

For example, I hate when colorful canvases, sponges and hammers are in sight. I started buying beige cloths and I have two carvings, one white, plastic, for raw foods and another for wood, for prepared foods.

The 15-minute rule

I really liked this rule. I spend 15 minutes daily, clean. No more, no less. It is very welcome!


I do this a long time ago: in the home business is involved the husband, the nephew who lives with us and me. Husband sometimes eats, but I understand, he works hard. And the grandson wants to hold him accountable as a child. Recently I tried to call a professional cleaning company. It's really worth it! At least once a year.

Family rules

Here are some of our rules:

-No one watches TV when we have dinner;

  • We wash our hands when we enter the house;

-After the table, everyone puts their plate in the dishwasher.

I noticed that all the family members started to respect each other, after I noted them down and read them together.

Stop walking!

In general, I strive to buy non-wrinkle clothes, but when necessary, I use steam iron, which is very easy to use. Thank you husband for buying it!

Independent children

Of course, you will do this 10 times faster, but this is not the best solution. Encourage children to do their own thing and help you clean yourself.

Set priorities

Choose what is most important to you: a quick cleaning, but with the annoyance of the house or a pleasant and positive atmosphere in the house? Take it easy!

Give up perfectionism

An ideal world probably exists, but outside the Universe. But people are tired, angry or lazy. Attach a command formula together, which is important for everyone to get involved.


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