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How to choose the best steam cleaners – 2020


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It sometimes happens that you don't have the necessary time to be able to clean as the book requires, even because the work schedule is too busy, or because you are the mother of a small child and then all the attention must be paid. to be directed towards him.

In addition, conventional methods of sanitizing your own home always require hours and a lot of effort on your part, so that you may not finish the work started on time, and, in case of an unexpected visit of some friends, this is not the nicer thing that can happen to you.

Therefore, the whole solution lies in purchasing a vertical steam vacuum cleaner. The reasons are simple: it helps you save time and energy, it is easy to use and fast. In addition, the water container provided guarantees that your floors will shine. Here are the features to consider in order to make an optimal choice:

The suction power is the first aspect that you have to check, when you have decided to buy such a product, because the higher it is, the more efficient the vacuum cleaner is. Although these examples cannot be compared with the classic models in this chapter, a vertical vacuum cleaner can reach a power of 1500 W, so it will do an excellent job, whether we are talking about the bedroom or living room.

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In other words, in case of vacuuming carpets or hard surfaces, such as parquet or tiles, you will have the guarantee that there will be no trace of dirt, because a large number of watts means a stronger absorption. Also, such an appliance should not be missing from anyone's home, as the possibility of using steam during cleaning means that surfaces will be successfully disinfected, given that microorganisms are removed at high temperatures, they can be (at suction head) and 100 degrees C.

So, a steam flow of 30 g / minute ensures the refreshment of floors and carpets without the need for chemicals. In addition, depending on the space you want to sanitize, you can choose an appliance that is variable.

Depending on the power supply, the vertical vacuum cleaners are divided into: wired and cordless. The first ones do not present the risk of unloading during the cleaning process, leaving you with only half the work done, but it offers you a constant suction power. However, the length of the cable differs from model to model, which can sometimes be an inconvenience, requiring the plug to be changed quite often. In addition, you must always be careful not to trip over the wire when cleaning.

Cordless models run on batteries and are limited in lifespan, which means you'll have to hurry a bit if you're considering sanitizing multiple surfaces. Their period of operation is generally between 15-40 minutes, vacuum cleaners that have a greater autonomy, with a slightly higher price. At the same time, you must take into account the charging time of the batteries.

The collection capacity is measured in liters and refers to the amount of dust that a product can absorb. According to most opinions about the best vertical steam vacuum cleaners, it is recommended that it be as large as possible in order to cope with more generous surfaces, as happens in the living rooms, for example. In other words, a larger number of liters means a larger amount of stored dirt, so you will not have to worry that you will need to clean the vacuum cleaner very often.

After following all these steps, all you have to do is buy the product itself. We recommend you to order it online, because the existing promotions and discounts make the Internet the place where you can find all those interested in cleaning machines at a good price.

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