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How to choose the best face cream


How do you choose the best face cream? What ingredients and characteristics should the right face cream have for you? Read our guide and choose informed.

Dark Spot Corrector Cream for Face, Effectively Underarm Cream, Body Cream for Elbow Bikini Area - Black Spot Fade Cream with Niacinamide - Prevent Forming Dark Spots, Fade Spots, Improve Skin Tone
  • Remove Various Spots: Our dark spot corrector can remove melanin, inhibit the generation of spots and relieve dullness. It is a professional body cream for dark spots, freckles, sunburn and chloasma.
  • Moisturize Your Skin: Our cream for dark spots is rich in Niacinamide and Sodium Hyaluronate, which can effectively lock skin moisture, moisturize your skin and keep it supple.
  • Affinity & Non-Irritating: Our dark spot cream added friendly active ingredients(like Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate(Vitamin C derivatives)) and is suitable for daily use. It will not irritate on the most sensitive skin and areas of your body.
  • Improve Skin Tone: Our dark spot cream focuses on even skin tone, which can effectively solve the problem of dull skin. You can use it on face, arms, armpit, elbows, knees, bikini area or other private areas.
  • Guaranteed - If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us and we will give you a satisfactory answer as soon as possible.
Retinol Cream for Face, Retinol Night Cream for Women Anti Aging, Moisturizer, Anti Wrinkle, Day & Night Facial Cream with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, B5, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea-50Ml
  • Advanced Retinol Cream - Retinol moisturizer deeply nourishes facial skin tissues, our retinol cream with 2.5% retinol, supports cell renewal, boosting elasticity & skin radiance, reducing the signs of age for a younger-looking face.
  • Great Facial Moisturizer - Recognized moisturizing and hydrating skin care ingredients, Hyaluronic acid non-greasy formula delivers deep hydration to your skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, nourish, repair & renew epidermis, restore natural water balance.
  • Natural Skincare - Retinol cream is a specially formulated blend of intensively hydrating and rejuvenating components. While you sleep, our cream helps normalize cell turnover. During the day, it provides abundant hydration, reducing dryness, or irritation, beneficial for all skin types.
  • All Skin - Our Retinol cream will NOT cause breakouts, redness, and itchiness! It will NOT clog pores, cause blackheads, pimples, or irritate you. Our moisturizer quickly absorbs without a heavy or sticky feel. Gentle enough for sensitive skin and to use around your eye area helping with dark circles and eye bags. Use on hands and neck too.
  • Day & Night Cream - A price that anyone can afford, all ingredients are Organic, non-GMO & Gluten-free! Not tested on animals! If you have any questions - contact us, and we will do our best to help you!
Seven Potions Anti Ageing Moisturizer for Men 1.69 FL OZ – Lightweight, Fast Absorbing Face Cream – Helps Prevent Fine Lines and Wrinkles – Improves Skin Hydration – Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free
  • IMPROVE YOUR SKIN’S VITALITY – Help prevent fine lines and wrinkles with our lightweight, fast absorbing face cream.
  • HYDRATE AND MOISTURISE – Hydration keeps skin soft, supple, and vibrant while moisturising forms a protective barrier on the skin’s surface to lock it in.
  • ANTIOXIDANT-RICH, NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Help prevent and correct visible damage and signs of ageing, while stimulating collagen production and lessening the impact of the sun’s harmful rays.
  • LOOK BETTER, FEEL BETTER – A modern gentleman is never ashamed to take pride in his appearance. Discover new confidence and up your self-esteem by caring for your skin with Seven Potions Anti Ageing Moisturiser.
  • EXCELLENCE YOU CAN TRUST – Manufactured in England and developed through rigorous testing to meet strict safety standards. Quality, performance, and innovation meet respect, confidence, and sustainability in every Seven Potions product.
BenRan Turmeric Facial Cream Natural Whitening Anti-aging Acne Moisturizer Fade Freckles Face Cream Lift Firming
  • In modern society, many people have various skin problems due to unhealthy lifestyles, such as dry skin caused by long-term expectation in air-conditioned rooms, dull skin caused by staying up late, and acne caused by improper diet.
  • Turmeric Moisture and Repair Facial Cream can help solve these problems.
  • It can effectively moisturize and relieve dry skin.
  • Because of the turmeric extract, it can also whiten the skin, brighten the skin tone and reduce acne.
  • Using everyday will show you remarkable effect.
Nourishing Deep Makeup Cleansing Balm Cream with Shea Butter and Avocado Extracts, Rich Butter Cream Formula, Daily Oil Face Massage Cream - THESAEM Natural Condition Avocado Cleansing Cream 300ml
  • HARD BUTTER CREAM FORMULATION: The Saem Avocado Cleansing Cream is formulated using shea butter and avocado extracts in a hard butter form that melts to the skin temperature.
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: This moisture-rich cleansing cream is enriched with shea butter, olive oil, and royal jelly. The quick absorption formula cleanses skin while retaining moisture and improving skin texture.
  • EFFECTIVELY REMOVES IMPURITIES: This face cleanser with moisturizer spreads on your face to deep cleanse the pores. The exfoliating face cleanser also works as an efficient makeup remover.
  • FORMULATED FOR RESULTS: The cream formulation of this cleanser maintains skin texture and tightness. These ingredients also remove skin impurities and adhere to sebum and waste products and, deep cleanses them.
  • REFRESHING CLEANSER FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: When rolling gently on the skin, the rich oil that bursts out of the skin provides a nutritional massage effect as if it is being treated every day.
MNEMO SKIN CICA Peptide Watery CREAM 100ml 3.38OZ Face Moisturizer with Centella asiatica Niacinamide Trehalose Panthenol Adenosine Low acid Cruelty Free Soothing Moisturizing Elasticity Facial Cream
  • Best Natural Skincare and Cruelty Free : The product for the ingredients or components have not been tested on animals. Only pure ingredients, beneficial for all skin types. Hyaluronic Acid, Centella asiatica Niacinamide Trehalose Panthenol Adenosine bring a powerful anti-wrinkle effect by soothing and rebuilding the skin barrier. Trehalose that moisturizes the skin with excellent moisturizing power. Panthenol, a derivative of vitamin B5 that improves moisture and blocks moisture evaporation
  • Day and Night Face Moisturizer for Woman & Men : CICA Peptide Skincare for Skin Soothing, Skin Moisturizing, Skin Elasticity, and Wrinkle Improvement all at once . It provides skin with a daily dose of intense hydration that helps to fill in the appearance of lines and wrinkles and helps restore moisture for smoother, plumper skin. The non-greasy formula delivers deep hydration to your skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Nourish, repair & renew epidermis, restore natural water balance
  • We use only the best ingredients : Face Moisturizer with Centella asiatica Niacinamide Trehalose Panthenol Adenosine Low acid. a large amount of Centella asiatica extract that helps improve skin barrier, soothes and relieves skin troubles. Peptide complex strengthens the skin barrier, recovers damaged skin, improves skin elasticity, wrinkles, prevents aging, and regenerates the skin. Niacinamide for skin tone improvement. Adenosine, a functional ingredient for wrinkle improvement
  • Large Capacity 3.38oz, Skin safe formulation and All Skin types : Large Capacity of 3.38 oz / 100ml Free of Paraben, PEG, Allergen Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Synthetic colors. Suitable for all skin types. It can be used on your face and is affordable as a gift skincare cosmetic for your loved family and friends. Face moisturizer for women. peptides and niacinamide smooth skin texture and correct fine lines & wrinkles. The CICA facial cream locks in nourishing ingredients with a moisture barrier
  • Best Service always with Customers- recellme main goal is to provide you with the highest results with our moisturizer for face. Our success as a skin care company depends on your grade of satisfaction. If you have any questions or improve a good idea, contact us freely. We want to hear your good opinions to make better skincare cosmetics. We will do our best to help you
Anti-Aging Night Cream for Face & Anti-Aging Eye Cream for Dark Circles, Wrinkles, Bags & Puffiness - Collagen Boost, Vitamin C, Cocoa Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea, Rosehip Oil
  • Effective & Gentle: Super lotion helps to improve uneven skin Tone and Texture by reducing fine lines, acne spots, dark circles, crow's feet, wrinkles and sun damage. Specially designed to prevent breakouts, clog Pores and avoid irritation. Ideal for all skin types.
  • Hydrating & Moisturizing: Luxurious daily night moisturizing cream will leave the skin feeling hydrated, moisturized and plumper than before. It also prevents the formation of new free radicals in the skin from the damaging sun exposure acquired during the day.
  • Firming & Soothing: Best anti-aging blend available in the market which contains Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea, Matrixyl 3000, Peptides, Witch Hazel, Rosehip oil and many other natural & organic ingredients. Eye cream hydrates & nourishes tired eyes for a wide-awake refreshed look.
  • Skin Nourishing: Super Antiaging Eye Cream has been formulated specifically for the thinner and most sensitive skin around the eyes which helps to Reduce Wrinkle, signs of Aging, Crows feet, eye under Bag and Fine Lines. This firming eye cream instantly makes your eyes look more Rested, Radiant and Vibrant.
  • Made in USA: Product is not tested on animals (cruelty-free) and our product is also Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, Gluten-free, and Fragrance-free. This night cream is formulated to apply all over the face, neck, eye area, and decollete. Proudly formulated and bottled in the USA.
21DYR9bOZ8S - How to choose the best face cream
47 Rating
Easydew DW-EGF CREAM DIVESOME 0.5 FL.OZ - Anti Aging Face Moisturizer with Collagen (Human Epidermal Growth Factor)-Firming, Tightening, and Rejuvenating-Reduce Wrinkles- Cruelty Free, Paraben Free
  • ✅ WHAT IS EGF? - Known as ‘YOUTH PROTEIN’, EGF is a natural protein in our body that produces collagen and elastin. EGF replenishes the collagen and elastin to improve signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagginess, redness, fine lines, and dark spots. It helps the skin flush away toxins and increases hydration, with statistical evidence. EGF also strengthens skin barrier to protect skin from dryness and boosts effectiveness (Journal of dermatological science: 2015;12(3):232-237).
  • ✅ DW-EGF IS A PREMIUM EGF - Not all the EGF’s are created equal, DW-EGF is a medical grade human EGF made by Daewoong Pharmaceuticals, a leading Korean Pharmaceutical company. DW-EGF is WHO registered original EGF (as Nepidermin) being used by Easydew (European Surgical Research 1998;30(1):48-54)
  • ✅ DOUBLE COLLAGEN EFFECT -Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Collagen! DW-EGF Divesome Cream is a firming cream containing DW-EGF (youth protein) and collagen that revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin. It has a double collagen effect that delivers collagen and produces collagen by EGF.
  • ✅ CRUELTY FREE & HYPOALLERGENIC- We never have nor ever will test on animals. Safe for all skin types including sensitive skin. For aged, dry, and sensitive skin.
  • ✅ Easydew, the First Brand Award Winner for 7 consecutive years in Korea (2015~2021, Korea Customers Council)

Beauty is among the most fragile qualities that a woman can have, so it is important for her to maintain her best. A beautiful complexion is a healthy complexion with a youthful appearance.

Because the face is what most often dictates our beauty, it is important to take care of the skin of the face as best as possible. This means in most cases the use of a suitable face cream.

The best face cream will manage to maintain a hydrated and luminous appearance of the skin, giving a pleasant and fine touch. In the long term, it will help maintain skin elasticity and prevent excessive and unsightly pigmentation of the skin.

Find out how you can choose a good face cream so you can always impress with beauty.

Top face creams recommended

Anubis – Q10 Retinol Cream – Cream Protective and anti-radicales Free – 60 mlir?t=gamestuto2k19 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00NIS37WO - How to choose the best face cream q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B00NIS37WO&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=gamestuto2k19 20 - How to choose the best face creamir?t=gamestuto2k19 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00NIS37WO - How to choose the best face cream

Professional cream with immediate action of hydration, protection and fading of wrinkles.

GEROVITAL H3 EVOLUTIONir?t=gamestuto2k19 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00502ADXC - How to choose the best face cream q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B00502ADXC&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=gamestuto2k19 20 - How to choose the best face creamir?t=gamestuto2k19 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00502ADXC - How to choose the best face cream

Daily care and protection cream for all skin types.

Why choose a good face cream?

Currently, the skin of the face comes in direct contact with several harmful factors. Pollution, sun exposure, and extreme temperature conditions can severely damage the skin, which can lead to dermatological problems or premature aging.

That's why every woman needs a good face cream that best suits her skin needs. The problem comes when you have to choose a cream that suits your skin.

Since the offer on the market is extremely varied, it is quite difficult to find the right face cream for you, the more difficult to choose one and at an affordable price.

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7 51TfyapGAgS - How to choose the best face cream Anti Aging Retinol Moisturizer Cream for Face and Neck with 2.5% Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid. Top...
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16 51Cys+7LqvL - How to choose the best face cream Korean Skin Care Snail Repair Cream - Korean Moisturizer Night Cream 97.5% Snail Mucin Extract - All...
17 518Ebz2w6pL - How to choose the best face cream Retinol Cream for Face – Facial Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen – Hydrating Face...
18 41DFo1YF9JL - How to choose the best face cream Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Face Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide & Vitamin...
19 41VDYn9H6kS - How to choose the best face cream Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream, 1.7 oz
20 41Ba7p4G2HL - How to choose the best face cream Olay Active Hydrating Cream Face Moisturizer, 1.9 fl oz Packaging may Vary

How to choose the best face cream

In order not to have to test each cream individually to choose the one that is right for you, you need to be well informed. You need to know what cream suits you depending on the type of skin, the main needs of your skin, the ingredients of the cream, as well as your age.

Instead of spending hours, maybe even days gathering information from different sources, we've already done the job for you. Check out this shopping guide very carefully. At the end of this article you will be able to follow the main criteria to be able to find the ideal face cream for you.

We will also help you find the best value for money on the market. Keep in mind, however, that each skin is unique, and the answer your skin will have to a cream may be very different from the answer your friend's skin will have. No longer choose recommended, but choose informed.

To make the best purchase, consider the following main criteria.

Skin type

A good face cream will be the one that will act correctly according to the needs of your skin. In order to make the best choice, however, you need to know very well what type of skin you have. It can be normal, dry, oily, mixed or sensitive.

To identify what type of skin you have, you can help the Internet, or call the dermatologist. Once you have determined what your skin needs are, you are ready to choose a suitable face cream. In most cases, the product label will also mention the type of skin for which the cream is intended, as well as the effects you can expect.

If you have dry skin, choose a cream with a thicker consistency, as this type of skin needs a lot of hydration. A cream with a powerful nourishing potential is ideal.

On the other hand, oily skin needs to be controlled for excess sebum. To reduce the oily appearance of the skin, choose a matifying cream, but with a light texture. Also, do not choose a cream that has oily oils in the composition. Orient yourself to a non-comedogenic product that does not block pores, thus avoiding the appearance of pimples.

However, the oily skin also needs hydration, otherwise the wrinkles will inevitably appear and the skin will get tired. In the absence of a good hydration routine, oily skin will try to compensate for the lack of nutritional compounds with even more oil, which will lead to even more oily skin and acne problems.

If you have a sensitive skin that reddens or irritates very easily, choose creams with the most natural ingredients. Avoid fragrance creams, dyes or preservatives. Also, creams with hypoallergenic compounds are ideal for this type of skin.

The time of day

Another criterion for differentiating face creams is the time of day for which they are intended. There is thus day cream and face cream at night. It may sound like a fuss, but the truth is that you need both.

For the day it is very important that the cream has a protective factor SPF in the composition. The action of UV rays can have a negative effect on the skin, causing its hyper-pigmentation as well as the premature appearance of wrinkles. A good day face cream will have a minimum protection factor of SPF15.

For mature skin especially, it is imperative to introduce a night cream into the care routine. Usually, the night cream is similar to the day cream, containing the same active principles, but it is richer in them, having a more consistent texture.

Its role is to act on the skin at night. This is necessary to maintain a balanced level of hydration, as the skin tends to dry more at night, but also to prepare the skin for the day. The curtains will not be so visible, even if you did not enjoy the best sleep, and the makeup will apply much better.


Skin needs are different and depending on the age you are in. In general, you will notice age indications on the product label that may look like this: 25+, 40+, 55+, etc. Depending on the decade you are in, it will be necessary to choose a cream that will properly treat the needs of your skin.

As you get older, your skin's needs change a lot, and you need more and more care. The skin loses its elasticity and brightness, sun exposure will cause the appearance of moles and excess pigmentation, and natural aging will cause a drier and thinner skin which will favor the appearance of wrinkles.

Find a product that is right for your age. The main problem for women in the 20+ category is hydration. That is why most face creams for them contain moisturizing and highly nourishing compounds, in order to keep a fine skin, with a fresh and uniform appearance, also delaying the appearance of fine wrinkles as much as possible.

After the age of 30, however, the face creams focus on the restructuring of the tissues, in order to maintain or restore the elasticity of the skin, ensuring a youthful appearance for as long as possible. That's why you will find ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen compounds or coenzyme Q10, all with a strong anti-wrinkle action.


To anticipate the role and effectiveness of a cream even before buying it, it is useful to know some popular ingredients in their composition. For example, glycerin and urea usually appear on the label of a good moisturizer. The creams that have silicone composition, helps to smooth the skin, helping to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

To combat the signs of aging, it is recommended to choose a cream based on hyaluronic acid, collagen, coenzyme Q10 or retinol. Day creams must contain a protective factor, minimum SPF15.

It is not enough to know what ingredients to contain, but you must also know the ingredients to avoid. As a rule, a cream with many natural ingredients is much softer and healthier for the skin.

Although we do not want to admit it, some products that promise to do well, do us even more harm because they have harmful skin ingredients in the composition. You should raise alarm signals by thinking of ingredients such as alcohol, parabens, dyes, perfumes, preservatives. They can irritate or dry the skin, and many controversies have already arisen around them.


Also, it is very likely that you will need creams with different consistency depending on the season. In summer, the skin sweats a lot, so it is good to choose a very light cream, rather fluid than creamy, to be absorbed into the skin in a very short time. Choose a more consistent cream only at night.

In the cold season, the skin is more exposed to extreme temperature conditions which can lead to a tender and irritated sensation. So use a more consistent cream, which has great nutritional power for the skin.

We recommend that you look for a good face cream online. Not only will you find them much faster, but you will have more options, so you can choose the cream that exactly meets the needs of your skin. Once you know what this should contain, you can compare the prices of creams and always choose the most profitable one for you.

Remember that you also have the opportunity to check what other women's experiences have been using with this face cream. Their opinion could confirm or disprove what the manufacturer promises, so you can guess whether or not the investment is worth the risk.

Best face cream: recommendations

Taking into account the tips in the article, analyzing existing products and buyers' opinions, we can still recommend some face creams that offer clear benefits for your skin.

Q10 and Retinol Regenerating Cream – Anubis Excellence Q10 Retinol Cream

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B00NIS37WO&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=gamestuto2k19 20 - How to choose the best face creamir?t=gamestuto2k19 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00NIS37WO - How to choose the best face cream

Professional cream with immediate action of hydration, protection and fading of wrinkles. The active ingredients penetrate the epidermis and prevent the harmful effects of free radicals, prevent the appearance of wrinkles and visibly diminish the existing ones, have antioxidant properties, intensify the processes of cell regeneration and collagen formation.
Application: Apply daily on clean skin (face, neck, neck) through gentle massage until complete absorption.
Effect: intense hydration, faded wrinkles, protection.

YEOUTH Day Night Moisturizer for Face with Snail Extract, Hyaluronic Acid

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B06X9ZCFG4&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=gamestuto2k19 20 - How to choose the best face creamir?t=gamestuto2k19 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B06X9ZCFG4 - How to choose the best face cream

Cream for normal and mixed skin care, with fine wrinkles, blemishes or irritations.
Formula enriched with extract from garden snail secretion with intensive regeneration properties of the epidermis.
It removes dead cells and gives them extra brightness through the beneficial substances contained.
Stimulates skin oxygenation and cell renewal, alleviates imperfections, blemishes and oily skin areas.

Gerovital H3 Evolution, Anti-Wrinkle Cream Highly Moisturizing

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B006DKBUMS&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=gamestuto2k19 20 - How to choose the best face creamir?t=gamestuto2k19 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B006DKBUMS - How to choose the best face cream

Daily care and protection cream for all skin types.
Formula enriched with the anti-aging enzyme Superoxide Dismutase and Boswellia Serrata extract.
UV filters that prevent the negative effects of the action of environmental factors (UV radiation, pollution), regenerates and soothes the skin.
Hyaluronic acid and adenosine help alleviate wrinkles and fine lines, correcting skin imperfections and leaving skin smooth, supple and full of light.

Collagen Face Moisturizer by L’Oreal Paris Skin Care I Day and Night Cream I Anti-Aging Face Cream to Smooth Wrinkles I Non-Greasy I 1.7 oz

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B002JDUMFO&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=gamestuto2k19 20 - How to choose the best face creamir?t=gamestuto2k19 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B002JDUMFO - How to choose the best face cream

It is a cream that nourishes and moisturizes the mature and normal complexion, with the tendency to dehydrate, smoothes the superficial wrinkles and visibly reduces the deep ones.
The skin becomes firmer and more elastic, and the natural aging process is slowed down.

Caviar of Switzerland Advanced Repair Serum…Double Lifting Effect 30ml

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B00H3Q09XC&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=gamestuto2k19 20 - How to choose the best face creamir?t=gamestuto2k19 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00H3Q09XC - How to choose the best face cream

VISIBLE LIFT FOR YOUR NECK AND FACE; Creates a firmer lifted contour. This product has an airless pump. You will need to pump the air out first (up to 20-30 times) before the cream comes out – DO NOT UNSCREW THE PUMP!
SKIN REGENERATION IS PROMOTED; elasticity is greatly increased; REPAIRS DNA DAMAGE, long-lasting reshaping effect;
POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT, provide cellular protection against free radical attack, shielding against environmental pollutants;
DNA Skin Care from Switzerland, Award Winner.

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