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How to choose the best raw royal jelly


People who want to improve their overall health, overcome certain extremely demanding periods or increase the immunity of the organism, specialists recommend them to test the raw royal jelly.

Designed specifically to feed the queen of the Hive, which thanks to this nutrition has a life expectancy of up to 4 years, compared to the worker bees who live only up to 6 weeks, the royal jelly is a concentrated of the most nutritive Principles of honey, pollen and oral secretions of bees.

He is known for his excellent nutritional qualities, for positive effects on immunity, to accelerate the process of cellular regeneration and revitalization of the entire organism.

When looking for best royal jelly, at a good price, we recommend that you pay attention, among other things, to the manufacturer.

Either you opt for a USA product, certified, available in pharmacies, not only in online stores or choose a foreign product, but you make sure that it benefits from all safety and quality certificates issued by accredited institutions and recognized in the field.

Royal Jelly Composition

The composition of the royal jelly is extremely complex, but what interests you in the first place is the percentage of 10 – the HDA it contains. Many reviews of the best raw royal jelly claim that 5% is the minimum you should accept, to discuss a quality product.

Last but not least, we advise that if this is the first time you consume this type of supplement, or the first time you give it to the child, stay cautious. Like any other beekeeping product, and it is susceptible to produce allergies, some of them extremely severe.

Additional caution should be exercised in the case of people who have a known allergic background, and We do not advise you to test it if you have a proven allergy to pollen, honey or bee venom.

If you do not know where to find raw royal jelly at good prices, or which are truly quality products, we invite you to consult our review section, where you will find information about some of the most appreciated products in the category, on which, lucky for us, we can all purchase from online stores at advantageous prices and fast delivery directly home.

Recommended Assortments

Dr. Danielle's Bee Wise – Bee Well, Royal Jelly, Propolis, Bee pollen in 4 Daily Capsules

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One of the most appreciated producers of beekeeping products, Dr. Danielle, provides you with 750mg Bee Pollen, 1000mg Propolis, 1500mg Royal Jelly Per 4 Capsules, Veggie Caps! No fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients, as he was harvested from the hive, so that your health will benefit as much as Its extraordinary qualities.

The product is the only natural source of acetyl-choline and an extraordinary source of B complex vitamins (especially vitamin B5, known to effectively combat the effects of stress), polyphenols and essential amino acids, which cannot be synthesized in entirely by the body and for which we depend on eating.

100% Pure Freeze Dried Fresh Royal Jelly

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It provides you with a raw, inexpensive and good royal jelly, in a container with a capacity of 2000 mg YS Eco Bee Farms 75 Caps, harvested directly from its own reed, a genuine elixir of health, recommended to adults and children, depending on age and physiologic condition.

The harvest of the royal jelly is a difficult and delicate one, and YS Eco Bee Farm guarantees that this process is done traditionally, at the right time, for maximum efficiency and for a high quality production.

Among the benefits of the product, we first mention its immunomodulatory effect, which increases the body's endurance to various environmental aggressions, which is extremely beneficial for the elderly and for children older than 3 years who prepare for entry into the collectivity.

The content of minerals and vitamins makes it also an excellent dietary supplement, to increase the vitality of the organism and to remove the harmful effects of the deafness.

Stakich FRESH ROYAL JELLY – 100% Pure

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A good raw royal jelly, which we especially recommend to people who are considering a long-lasting cure, or in families with multiple recipients from its qualities, is the product offered by Skatich, whose full volume of 227g, 100% Pure , All Natural, Highest Quality-No Additives/Flavors/Preservatives Added-8 oz, finally offers an excellent ratio between price and quality.

The product is an excellent one not only because it offers a greater amount than most similar products, but also due to the concentration of 10 – HDA. It Is a guaranteed minimum of 1.5%, stabilized but by adding 0.05% pure propolis, which causes a spectacular increase in antiviral, antibacterial and antimycotic effects.

According to the manufacturer, the product can be used both internally and externally, by mixing it in equal parts with the usual moisturizing cream and regular application on the complexion. The anti-wrinkle and antiaging effect is absolutely spectacular, with users being praised with a smoother and smoother skin after just a few applications.

About royal jelly

History says that the ancestors of the Dacians were, besides being great breeders of vines and animals, great specialists in beekeeping. And the proof we find today, when on our roads through the country, in the fields, or at the edge of the forest we can see groups, dozens of hives of hobbyists or professionals who live from the work of bees. In addition to honey and propolis, the raw royal jelly, nothing else but a secretion of the workers with the help of which the queen or her larva feeds, has proven its qualities, since the time of my grandmother, when it was a must on the cosmetics shelf, but also as an ally for health.

And as nothing can be healthier than a natural product, royal jelly in its various forms has gained an important place thanks to its extraordinary properties for increasing immunity and preventing heart disease, but not only. In many cultures, royal jelly has been called “the elixir of youth” after the incredible longevity of the queen bee in the hive, which lives 10 times longer than a simple worker bee, was observed, thanks to the fact that it is fed with this substance throughout its life. From here it was only a step to harnessing the miracle in the hive and discovering what other great benefits it can have.

Uses of royal jelly

As far as technology has come, there is still no similar product in the world that can have as many advantages as royal jelly. Whether used as a dietary supplement or as a true adjuvant medicine in the treatment of nutritional, heart, or reproductive diseases, royal jelly is unique because of its properties. From boosting the immune system to maintaining skin and hair in combination with other substances in the cosmetic industry, the ‘elixir' of youth received from bees works real magic.

Matcha butter can also be used successfully to treat cholesterol, which has reached alarming levels. Bronchitis and dangerous asthma can also be relieved with this magic substance. As for stomach diseases such as duodenal ulcers, it seems that the action of royal jelly is amazing. Specialists have also found an improvement in the condition of patients suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis, and back pain, as well as a drop in blood sugar in diabetics after royal jelly cures. Last but not least, we must also talk about the anti-aging properties of royal jelly, because it stimulates and supports tissue regeneration. The effect? A real facelift without the intervention of a beautician to “repair” the skin damaged by the years.

What does royal jelly contain?

One of the main compounds in royal jelly is acetylcholine, which plays an important role in transmitting nerve impulses. We can also add amino acids, minerals and trace elements, lipids, essential fatty acids for the body and a whole series of extremely important B vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B12. On top of that, although it seems hard to believe, 3% of the composition of this product has not yet been identified by specialists, however advanced science may be in the 21st century, being just another proof of the complexity of royal jelly.

How to choose the best royal jelly

It must be said at the outset that not every product will suit your needs, especially as in many cases royal jelly is not found in its pure state, but is mixed with other substances that are used strictly for the treatment or relief of certain conditions or for the maintenance of certain areas of the body.

How to take royal jelly

If we refer to cosmetics, we will certainly find instructions for use that we must follow exactly. However, if we are talking about, for example, recipes for face masks in combination with royal jelly for skincare, we should still pay attention to the other ingredients, so as not to risk doing ourselves more harm than good.

For internal use, there are countless variants that we can purchase on the market, but we should not exaggerate when it comes to dosage. In general, for children, it is not recommended to exceed 1 gram per day, while in adults, up to a maximum of 10 grams can be taken without any risk. For a more complex effect, specialists also recommend royal jelly mixed with bee honey, the most pleasant “treatment” for the little ones, who are great lovers of “sweet”, but without exceeding the maximum dose allowed.

It must be said that it should not be given to children under 3 years of age, nor to pregnant women, and of course not to those who are allergic to bee products.

Period of administration

In general, royal jelly is consumed over a period of 8 weeks, in autumn, before the cold season, and in spring, when the body is weakened after the winter, especially to strengthen immunity, not only in children but also in adults.

In the case of using royal jelly to maintain the skin or hair, there is not necessarily a recommended period. Whenever we find that we need an appropriate “treatment” for regeneration or maintenance we can confidently turn to royal jelly and its benefits, especially as it is recommended for all skin types, whether dry or oily.

In what form is royal jelly found?

One of the most common forms is the 50 or 100 gram container in which we find the substance in pure form, but on the market, there are also vials and capsules for easier administration.


It is normal that the price of royal jelly, whether pure or mixed with other substances, varies. When we talk about the “elixir” of youth harvested from bees and used in its natural state, a 100-gram container might seem expensive, but considering its actions in such a wide range of diseases, it is fully worth its value.

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