The best air fryer – Our recommendations for 2020

The best air fryer – Our recommendations for 2020

best air fryer - The best air fryer - Our recommendations for 2020

Healthy cooking, with less oil, has come into the attention of more and more people, and a quick way to do this, without heating the house and filling it with smells, is to use one of the best air fryer. It does not require oil at all, maybe just a drop, depending on the recipe, and the dishes will be brown and, more importantly, nutritious and healthy.

COSORI Air Fryer,Max XL 5.8 Quart is one of our recommendations, due to its quality and characteristics, but it is also preferred by many buyers, considering the positive reviews. You can cook almost anything, from potatoes and meatballs to papanasi, it has a large capacity for up to 5-8 people, includes 11 presets programs, adjustable thermostat and has automatic shut-off, so you don’t have to watch it during cooking. If you prefer a model with a smaller capacity and, implicitly, more accessible, you might like the Ultrean Air Fryer, 4.2 Quart (4 Liter).

How to choose the best air fryer – Buyer’s guide

When you do not want to complicate the process of preparation and thermal processing of food, obtaining dishes as diverse as possible, without residual unpleasant odors and unwanted oil stains, the air fryer is the most popular device in a home. Although relatively new, as a level of popularity on the people home appliances market, fryers have become a sought-after device by users interested in fast or even healthy cooking. We are mainly looking for the best air fryers, because they use very little oil and allow the preparation of food with the help of steam, thus obtaining much healthier food than fried.

So, if you have decided to look for such a product, which can be sold at an advantageous price, we recommend you to choose a model from the internet, since the offer is much more diversified than in stores. To choose the best fryer, we suggest you follow some important selection criteria.


it is an aspect that allows you to anticipate how diverse the food can be prepared with the help of the fryer. Keep in mind that vegetables and meat are cooked at different temperatures, which means that the chosen device must incorporate a thermostat temperature control function. In addition to steaming, it is very good to have more possibilities for cooking, even if it involves frying or baking. The number of pre-set programs can also be taken into account in this chapter.


refers to an easy and safe use. Besides the fact that the fryer must be able to be used as easily and intuitively as possible, it is necessary to be convinced that it works in complete safety and even without supervision from the user. Each manufacturer will specify in the presentation of the fryer how autonomous it can work.

It is preferable the devices with easy to navigate menu and display on which you can easily choose the desired program. The most important option that guarantees safety in use is the sealing system. It is also very useful for the device to have an on-off button, which makes it easier to stop the activity as conveniently as possible.


represents an index of the lifetime for this type of device. Of course, in addition to a proper guarantee of conformity, we suggest you look for products that are easily sanitized. Also, this range includes models with trays and detachable components, which can be easily washed, even in the dishwasher. Opt for components made of quality materials and properly protected against gluing.

Recommended models in 2020

The best patio umbrella 2020 – Buyer`s Guide –

The best patio umbrella 2020 – Buyer`s Guide –

Best Patio Umbrella – Reviews in 2020

To enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in the garden, without suffering from the sun or rain, you can opt for a modern arrangement and install a patio umbrella. Because it can be difficult to choose from so many models, we have made a short guide.

pic 012 reviewsandtests com - The best patio umbrella 2020 - Buyer`s Guide -

Taking into account several factors related to both the characteristics of the products and the opinions of the users, we recommend the retractable model Best Choice Products 10ft Solar LED Lighted Patio Umbrella w/Tilt Adjustment, Fade-Resistant Fabric – Brown. It is an umbrella that is easy to assemble and store, it is suitable for any terrace or garden, with an attractive color, and the material from which it is made makes it resistant to wind and sunlight. In addition, it has a competitive price.

Another option worth considering is PURPLE LEAF 10ft Patio Umbrella Outdoor.

Opinions about the best patio umbrellas

Even if you have come to the conclusion that your patio would need an umbrella, you often do not find the time to document yourself and make a purchase. We still offer you details about a series of products, from which you can try to find something you like.

Buyer`s guide

When you intend to arrange your terrace or garden in such a way as to look good and enjoy a sunny day, alone or with friends, terrace umbrellas are the most handy solution to turn the space into a relaxing one and comfort, and you can find patio umbrellas, cheap and good. You need to consider a few criteria to make sure you have chosen the right product for the space you want to arrange.


From beginning, make sure you know what size umbrella you are buying should be. If you want to have shade and comfort, a terrace umbrella must be large enough to cover the entire space for the table and chairs or sunbeds. Normally, in order to provide enough shade, it must be larger than the space occupied by the corner of the terrace it protects.

Here are some examples to help you choose a good umbrella. If the table has a size of up to one meter you can choose an umbrella up to 2.5 m in diameter. For tables up to 1.2 m you have to focus on shadows that reach 3 meters or more in diameter, and when you want to cover a space of more than 1.5 m, look for umbrellas of 3.5-4 meters.

The height at which the umbrella is placed also matters a lot. If you want to have enough shade, try to find a product with a central pillar high enough. In addition, you will not have to bend over to get under the umbrella.

pic 013 reviewsandtests com - The best patio umbrella 2020 - Buyer`s Guide -


Find the type of umbrella that best suits your furniture and activities. A standard umbrella is suitable when you have a table with a hole in the middle or chairs placed individually on the terrace.

If you want an umbrella that can be handled more easily, try to find a telescopic one. You will be able to easily adjust the height and there is no need to leave it in the wind when you decide to tighten it.

Other shadows can be tilted from the top so that you can create the shadow without having to move them from side to side as soon as the sun moves in the sky.

Among the best umbrellas for the terrace, elegant and at the same time able to offer you the most comfort are the console type umbrellas, whose support pillar is not placed centrally, but is located on the side. You can position them more easily and it is more convenient to place tables and chairs under them, without being uncomfortable with the pole.


Depending on the mechanism they use, umbrellas can be classic, with a pole that rises mechanically, by using a stopper or something more elaborate, using a jack-type mechanism. For large umbrellas, this is almost indispensable, because it is difficult to handle them manually.


The type of material from which the pillar is made, as well as that of the umbrella itself, is very important because it gives them a different strength and durability and places the products in different price ranges.

The pole on which the umbrella is placed can be made of wood, aluminum or fiberglass. Wooden poles are less weather resistant, but give the product a special note of rustic elegance. It can fit aesthetically better in the space on the book you arrange it.

Aluminum has a long lifespan and can withstand a lot of bad weather outside, while fiberglass poles have a degree of elasticity that makes them harder to withstand in strong wind conditions.

The material from which the “canvas” is made also differs from model to model. Some features are essential and should be found in this component of the umbrella. Protection and resistance to sunlight, impermeability, increased resistance to dirt and mold.

Polyester is a hydrophobic material that dries very quickly. It is also very resistant, including in contact with various chemicals, so it can be easily cleaned. You will always find an umbrella for the terrace, at a good price, with a polyester canopy.

Other materials used are acrylic and olefin (polyolefin). Acrylic is soft and light and withstands the action of water well, without shrinking or changing shape. But it can be sensitive to high temperatures. Olefin is very resistant from all points of view and is at the same time cheap, which means that it is suitable for some patio umbrellas, at good prices.

Shape and color:

It remains to find the right shape for the terrace umbrella, as well as the desired color. Classic umbrellas are round, but more and more common are hexagonal, octagonal, rectangular or square. Also, depending on the frame in which you want to place the umbrella, you can opt for simple colors or patterns in several colors or products inscribed with the logo.

I chose these criteria for clarity and conciseness, you can certainly find other guidelines. But if our guide and the selection criteria presented seemed quite uplifting and you think it gives you the opportunity to make a better choice, we invite you to continue reading and try to implement what you have gone through. so far.


How to clean the canvas of patio umbrella?

The cleaning of the patio umbrella canvas depends on the material from which it is made. Not all materials withstand the action of bleaches or high-strength detergents. To avoid mold, try a water solution with soap and vinegar and use a brush.

Can I just replace the cover of patio umbrella?

The cover of patio umbrella can usually be replaced. If the structure is still in good condition, you can look for a new canvas with the same dimensions or you can make one.

Is it worth buying a used patio umbrella?

If the budget is a problem, you can use this solution, but you must be aware that both the canvas and the column and mechanism already have a certain degree of wear.

Can I buy a 4 x 4m patio umbrella?

Yes, there are also very large models of patio umbrellas, including the patio umbrella 4 x 4 m. They cost more and are harder to find, and some prefer to replace them with pavilions, for more comfort in use.

Recommended models 2020

4 tips to arrange your yard with patio umbrella

Using an umbrella to enhance the comfort of your terrace and garden is a practical and easy to apply idea. To save time, we have prepared some guidelines for a successful arrangement.

Estimate the size

Before bursting into the store, make sure you have already thought about where you would like to place the umbrella and what space it should cover. If you need an umbrella just for you, then you can look for a smaller one, but if you want to create a shaded space for the whole family or a large group, you will need a large umbrella.

Anchor it correctly

Choose a solid enough support for the umbrella you buy. The larger its diameter and height, the harder you will have to find a support to be able to anchor it properly.

Manage the space

Try to match the model with the space you have. For a terrace or a narrower pavement you could opt for a console type umbrella, which will leave you enough space for chairs and table, and can be successfully placed at various angles.

Use a durable product

Also, don’t forget you have to consider the climate in which you live. For a less mild climate, it would be advisable to choose an umbrella more resistant to wind and humidity, possibly one that can withstand even in winter, if you can not store it properly.

The best grills for your garden – Top 10 by

The best grills for your garden – Top 10 by

The best grill – Our recommendations for 2020

pic005 reviewsandtests com - The best grills for your garden - Top 10 by

A carefully chosen garden grill will keep you for several years after purchase. But for this you have to spend considerable time, analyzing the different existing offers, the price categories and if it is suitable enough for the needs of your family. Fortunately, you can overcome this stage, because we tell you from the start which model is on the first position in our top: Blackstone 36″ Propane Gas Griddle Cooking Station.

We recommend it thanks to the fact that it is powered by gas, so you get rid of coal, blackness, smoke and burning fire, it has a large surface for cooking, preparation and storage space, you can transport it thanks to the locking wheels, and the entire metal construction is resistance to contact with working temperature.

If you are interested in a more compact model, for a small family, we have another suitable option, in the product position Char-Broil Performance Series 2.

How to choose a good garden grill

pic 009 reviewsandtests com - The best grills for your garden - Top 10 by

Buyer’s guide

With the summer season already in full swing, it was expected that most weekends would become an opportunity for nature outings. By default, outdoor cooking has a strong tradition, being preferred as a method by many people. Therefore, any self-respecting owner has an outdoor grill, whether it is a fixed model or a portable garden or camping barbecue.

If you are among those who want to choose the perfect product from the best garden grills, but do not know where to start your search, we suggest you focus more on an online purchase. Even so, we do not always have the necessary information to help us make a wise decision, so we have prepared a short list of selection criteria for a quality grill.

The portable grill is a smaller piece, which can be structured in two ways: with a compact shape (pre-assembled) or with assembly for each use. Of course, these devices have smaller dimensions and a higher degree of maneuverability. At the same time, they are the most suitable to be transported by car, camping or hiking.

You have to keep in mind that most products on the market of this kind are half the size of fixed models, allowing the preparation of food for a limited number of people and requiring multiple use in a single cooking session. They can have a rectangular or circular shape, the dimensions varying around 30cm, as side or diameter.

Type of supply:

Refers to the way in which the active part is heated from a thermal point of view. Depending on the fuel consumed, you have three important options: the electric garden grill, the gas grill and the classic charcoal products.

The electric garden grill:

is an option with limited caloric power and which implicitly depends on the connection to an electrical network. You can easily guess that such a model is really quite economical, but it cannot be used in camping or on the go. The most advantageous part for this product is that it heats up quickly and offers the possibility to cook food evenly, thus optimizing and shortening the cooking time. Since the ingredients do not come into direct contact with the open flame, the preparation can be considered the healthiest.

The gas grill:

is one of the most modern solutions and involves the supply of butane or propane, usually from separately purchased bottles, which thus increase the degree of portability of the device. Even so, the products in this range seem to be the most voluminous, on average. However, they have the advantage that they allow you to start baking almost instantly, immediately after ignition.

Also, the frying temperature can be adjusted so that the baking is done as evenly as possible, especially compared to charcoal devices. The even greater advantage is given by multiple burners, as the case may be, which by different intensity adjustment can specifically prepare the ingredients at the same time (vegetables and meat separately).

Charcoal grilling:

is the oldest method and continues to be a very popular solution, as it gives a specific taste to food. The flame takes a long time to stabilize, so that the hot coals emit the necessary caloric energy, so the heating time can be extended quite a bit.

However, since the ingredients are cooked slowly, they keep their moisture, lightly frying in their own juice, becoming more tender, hence the distinctive taste. Of course, these variants are the most popular to be taken in camping, in nature, with sufficiently small dimensions, as to be transported by car or even manually.


Is a factor that contributes to the efficiency and easy use of the product. Certainly, it is about the material from which the hob is made, because it comes into contact with food and has the role of disseminating caloric energy. The most common models are stainless steel grills, this being a durable solution, resistant, easy to sanitize and very convenient in price.

Also, this type of steel is stainless, avoiding the risk of chemical interaction with the prepared ingredients. The less advantageous parts can be summarized in conductivity and its consequences. Maybe not many people know, but stainless steel is not a very good conductor of heat, and the diffusion is relatively uneven, forming the so-called hot spots, which fry food unevenly.

Another slightly more expensive option is the cast iron grill, a very resistant and durable material, when properly maintained. It is an alloy of iron, carbon and other secondary elements, very popular in general, in terms of kitchen utensils. The advantage is that cast iron gradually accumulates heat, diffusing it even later, for a certain period of time after the source of combustion has been removed.

The surface of this material becomes non-adherent as it is used more often, because the grease impregnates the pores of the alloy, forming a thin film on the surface. At the same time, the heat is distributed evenly, without hot spots. The disadvantage is that it heats up quite slowly and has a rather high weight for a portable part.


Is also a very important parameter, because the investment is not worth the money, as long as you rarely use the product you are preparing to buy. So, consider very well what type of barbecue you prefer and under what conditions you will use it. Of course, the newer, gas-powered models are also the most expensive, but they can be considered even more efficient than the rest of the examples.

The most convenient are the small charcoal models, which are sold at prices for all pockets and are not very difficult to use. It is best to do a careful study of the online market, before ordering the best gas grill or choosing an electric model, so as to properly adapt the product to personal needs.

Now you have at your disposal all the necessary indications and advice, meant to help you find the right model, choosing it from the multitude of offers. If you want to benefit from possible price reductions, we recommend you order it from the internet. The quality and guarantee of the products is the same, you save time, and if you are not satisfied with the characteristics of the received item, you can return it or exchange it with a more efficient one.

Recommended models 2020

How to use a garden grill

Once you have decided what type of product to choose and you have selected either the mobile (portable) or the fixed mounting version, it will be useful to find out some secrets of using and maintaining a garden grill. If you want to become an ace of Barbeque parties with friends, we suggest you continue reading our suggestions.

Installation of a fixed grill

You saw, at friends or at the boarding houses where you stayed, fixed garden grills, which were more and more spectacular; if you have come to the conclusion that you want to have something like this in the yard, we suggest you start by establishing a flat surface (usually a poured concrete slab), strategically positioned in front of the house, terrace and oriented even according to from where you have the nearest door to the kitchen.

To assemble the components, you need a quality adhesive for cement, heat-resistant and fast-drying, an idea that most manufacturers propose. The dome and the bricks that form the walls must be carefully positioned, and for the upper part you may need the help of another person to fix it. Drying the adhesive can take at least 3 hours and varies depending on the brand and composition. When you can’t manage to place the pieces and put them together like a puzzle, a simple search on Youtube offers you some useful demonstration videos.

Installation of the mobile grill

If you have opted for a model with fuel, respectively powered by gas, it is useful to read the assembly diagram, to find out what component parts it has and how to arrange them correctly. It is important to place it on a perfectly horizontal surface, at a suitable distance from any obstacle. The connection with the gas cylinder must include the original parts, previously checked for defects.

For charcoal models, it is enough to fix the device in the area where you are going to use it, taking into account the smoke to be produced and the fact that the object will heat up. All metal components must be handled with the necessary precautions, when the grill is in operation.


The grill should never be used indoors. It will not be mounted on unstable or mobile platforms or surfaces. Gas variants are used exclusively with this type of fuel, being prohibited the use of coal or other substances as improvisation. All connections must be made in accordance with the user manual, and in this case, you can seek the advice or assistance of a specialist.

Cleaning of wood / coal variants

The grill is left to burn for a few minutes, after the fire is lit. If food debris has been charred, remove with a wire brush. Using napkins soaked in oil, grease the grill, then prevent the food from sticking.

Cleaning is done before, not after use, to prevent rust. Traces of food or ash will be removed from the inside after each use. The exterior is wiped about once every 4 weeks with degreaser, so as not to become sticky.

The most beautiful and best garden swings seats – Top 10 reviews

The most beautiful and best garden swings seats – Top 10 reviews

The best garden swings seats – Our recommendations in 2020

garden swing pic2 reviewsandtests com - The most beautiful and best garden swings seats - Top 10 reviews

If you live at home, you will feel safe in your own garden, enjoying a quiet summer in a hammock or in the comfort of an outdoor swing or terrace. Therefore, to see which model best suits your home, it is important to know a few details about these products. Don’t have the time to read interior design magazines or search stores? – We do it for you and we present you the popular models this year. Furinno Porch Swing is a cradle type product, from the range of spacious ones, with 3 seats, thus allowing several users to relax simultaneously, talking or reading. It is made of durable materials, supports a load of up to 330 kilograms, and the price can be advantageous from the perspective of several categories of potential buyers. If you prefer single-seat swings, then a very comfortable one is the Barton Hanging Egg model.

How to choose a good garden swing seat

pic 003 reviewsandtests com - The most beautiful and best garden swings seats - Top 10 reviews

Buyer’s guide

One of the most pleasant activities during the summer is relaxing outdoors, away from the shortcomings of hot days. If you have your own garden, then you know how pleasant it is to take refuge from the heat in the “oasis” offered by such vegetation. If many prefer a hammock or a sunbed, there are also people who relax best in a garden swing.

Such an item will give you the necessary comfort at any time of the day, whether you prefer to have breakfast in a specially arranged corner or spend a nap in the shade. If you are already wondering, “where can I find garden swings at good prices?”, We suggest you look for some interesting models on the internet. The offer is much more diversified online, and the prices can vary, up to some proposals with substantial discounts.

However, in order to choose one of the best garden swings for your household, it is necessary to be guided by some practical aspects, meant to provide clues about the functionality of the product.


It is one of the factors that you will have to check before making a decision. As with any type of garden furniture, depending on the hardness and strength of the materials that are part of the skeleton, you can anticipate how durable the product is. There are three quite popular variants: steel, aluminum and wood, each material having its advantages and disadvantages.

Wood is the classic choice and is a rustic option, which will give the whole garden a classic, traditional air. From the point of view of acquisition costs, it varies depending on the rarity and hardness of the chosen essence. The harder the wood, the stronger the rocker will be. One of the small disadvantages is a more demanding maintenance, especially because the wood can be sensitive to caries or moisture, especially if it is not treated and insulated properly. For a model used outdoors, these conditions are essential.

Steel is a very durable alternative, but a little heavier than the other two. Acquisition costs are not so high, and durability is optimal. Make sure that the material has been painted in an electrostatic field, the method that covers it with a very thin layer of paint, which triples its resistance to weathering, abrasion and chemical damage.

Aluminum is a modern variant, appreciated for its clean appearance and low weight. However, although it is very popular, the acquisition costs can be considered the highest for this material. As in the case of steel, it is advisable to choose models painted in electrostatic field, in order to enjoy them in good condition for a long time.


Refers, in this case, to the part that covers the structure and offers additional adhesion surface. And in this case, there are several types of materials from which it can be made. Many wooden models are built with support for wooden seat and back, which means that the upholstery can be missing or can be replaced by various textile pillows, which provide extra comfort.

Some opinions about the best metal garden swings conclude that this year we are looking for a lot of rattan wicker upholstery or its synthetic equivalent – poly-rattan. Rattan is a plant fiber taken from the stem of several species of palm native to various parts of the world. Either straw or rattan core can be used for garden swings or chairs.

The most resistant in time are the tapestries made of rattan straw, properly painted. Poly-rattan retains the same rustic look, but adds added durability and resistance to moisture and UV radiation. Textile upholstery is also a viable option, provided that it must be UV treated and waterproofed, given the environmental factors that a quality swing must withstand. Any model should be accessorized with pillows or armrests, to provide even more comfort in use.


Is an important aspect from an aesthetic and practical point of view. Regarding the shape, there are several models of swings. The simplest is the one with curved rail, in which you can see the legs that end with two curved soles, which facilitates the inclination in the front-back direction. These products follow a classic design or derive from it and are more suitable when you want to give a rustic, romantic, vintage air to the whole garden.

A second option is the swivel swings. These are real garden chairs placed on a fixed platform, usually circular. A spring system allows the object to be tilted in all directions, depending on the change of the occupant’s center of gravity. Often, these options are slightly more expensive than traditional products.

Regardless of the chosen version, analyze very well the exterior appearance, trying to adapt it and match it as well as possible with the rest of the garden furniture items you have, or even with the furniture in the house, when you place it on the terrace. In addition to shape and style, size can be considered important enough. Knowing these coordinates, you will be able to guess how the object fits in the space and how it will fit in the yard, garden or terrace.


Can be considered important, especially in the context in which you are trying to find a cheap and good garden swing. If you have slightly higher demands on such an item, be prepared to take a considerable amount of money out of your pocket.

Models made of aluminum or noble wood are known to be slightly more expensive. Also, a natural and hand-woven rattan upholstery can have a cost. The more durable and resilient the swing is, the higher the price will be. Last but not least, the more sophisticated design is one of the factors that contribute and motivate the respective parameter.

Now you have the most important selection criteria and all you have to do is find the offer that will make you smile the most. The advantage of products ordered online is not only a cheaper purchase price than in stores, but also a greater diversity of models from which you can choose. If the product does not live up to your standards, you can return or replace it.

Recommended models in 2020

How to mount a garden swing seat

When you want to make a quiet place in your yard, where you can enjoy the free moments you have, a garden swing could be helpful. Positioned where and how it should be, it will have a very pleasant aesthetic effect and will change for the better the way the space around your house looks, but also the way you relax.

Read the instructions carefully and identify the component parts

For starters, what you need to do is study the textbook very well and see what the specialists who wrote it recommend. There you will find all kinds of useful tips and instructions that will help you complete this work.

Also, pay attention to the parts that the package contains and make sure that you have identified them all, so that you can easily put them together, according to the assembly scheme.

Prepare the ground

When you want to buy and install a garden swing, you must also choose a suitable place for it, so that everything is as good as possible and you can enjoy it safely.

First of all, prepare the surface that you will place. This should be flat, with no bumps or elements that could hurt you during use or that could make you feel uncomfortable. Eventually, you could opt for a cement or lawn space, depending on your preferences.

The lawn will look better, but it will be harder to care for and you will be kept away from the swing if it rains more. The cement does not have an extremely pleasant aesthetic appearance, but it represents a flat surface that does not restrict your access to the swing, in the event that it has just rained.

Second, make sure that when you want to sway, you have enough space both in front and in the back to do so safely and comfortably.

Prepare the necessary tools and protective equipment

Before you start, keep in mind that you will also need a series of tools. They depend a lot on the type of swing chosen and what the package contains. Some come with the mounting kit and you will have everything you need, others you need a lot more tools to get if you do not have them.

It is also very likely that you will need protective equipment, such as gloves, helmet, etc. Think that one is to choose a common rocker, which you simply place on a straight ground, wherever you want, and another is to opt for a model that must be stuck in the ground or caught from above in order to work.

Fix all the elements well

If you get to the point where you need to assemble all the parts, make sure you place them as well as possible, so that they don’t move more than they should and don’t get injured during use, due to the fact that you didn’t fix the elements well components.

Do not think that it is good and so, even if they are not very stable, but do everything to install it as tight and stable as possible, because most likely it will be used by children, but also by the elderly, and they must either in complete safety.

Wipe away traces of dirt

When everything is ready, in order to complete the work, wipe the swing from the dirt left after transport or assembly. Use a cleaning solution and a soft cloth, which it is good to choose depending on the material from which your product is made. Mixtures are different from metal, wood or plastic to textile, for example.

How to clean and store garden swings seats

If you have a garden swing seat, you must pay special attention to this product, in case you want to extend its life, because it is generally installed outdoors. You need to know how to store it when the weather is not very good, under what conditions and how to clean it when it gets dirty. For this, we welcome you with a series of tips.

Cover it when it rains

When the product you have consists of elements that can be damaged by rain, it is best to always have a tarpaulin at hand to cover it. For example, wood may rot, plastic may lose color, and some metals may rust. Thus, a canopy will protect it, but it will also give you the opportunity to use it immediately after the rain, without having to wait for it to dry.

Clean it of snow when it snows or cover it

If you do not have a swing that can be tightened and stored during the winter, we recommend that you consider clearing the cradle of snow when it settles. Why? Because as above, moisture can affect it and over time it will not have the same appearance or even the same resistance. If you want, you can also cover it when winter comes, so that you don’t always have to worry about having to snow on it.

Store it in winter in a covered space

Do you have a folding seesaw that simply sits on the floor and can be easily stored? Then gather it and put it in a favorable space, when the weather is not very favorable. It doesn’t make sense to leave it in the rain, snow and cold, if you can still take it easily and quickly to a warehouse.

Be careful where you store it, so as not to damage it

The room in which you choose to keep the swing for a less pleasant time, must be chosen carefully. Pay special attention to the possible presence of rodents, which can damage wooden or nylon surfaces. We know very well that these unwanted guests are present quite frequently in the annexes of households.

Also, see what you have next. Do not keep it close to substances that can give off unpleasant odors (gasoline, diesel, etc.), do not place it on objects that have shapes that can damage it or near strong heat sources, which can facilitate ignition (stove from the boiler, e.g).

When cleaning, pay attention to cleaning materials and tools

In general, swings are made of a combination of materials – wood with metal, metal with plastic, etc. When it is necessary to remove various stains of dirt from its surface or to clean it regularly, because the dust has settled, use cloths and solutions that are suitable. For example, for a model made of plastic or metal you can use more water, but for a wooden one you need a special wiping solution.

Finding The Best Gaming Chair For Your Room – Reviews and Tests

Finding The Best Gaming Chair For Your Room – Reviews and Tests

Gaming can be fun and exciting. On top of that, you’ll be able to meet people from around the world. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that your gaming room is equipped with the right equipment. If you don’t, you’re going to have a bad experience. With that being said, you’ll want to buy a good gaming chair. Doing so will ensure that you’re able to stay comfortable and relaxed from start to finish. So, what do you need to know about buying the best gaming chair? Within this guide, you’re going to find out more about these chairs and the perks they offer.

What Are Gaming Chairs?

gaming chair comfortable - Finding The Best Gaming Chair For Your Room - Reviews and Tests

First and foremost, you should learn about the basics of gaming chairs. What are they? Well, these chairs are designed specifically for the purpose of gaming. They offer numerous features and they’re designed to provide the user with added comfort. Suffice to say, all serious games should think about buying a gaming chair since it’ll greatly improve their overall gaming experience.

Why Should You Buy A Gaming Chair?

Now, you’ll want to learn more about the benefits of buying a gaming chair. You’ll find that these chairs are much different than their conventional counterparts. This ensures that they’re going to cater to the needs of gamers and provide them with immense benefits. For instance, these chairs are designed to provide the user with better posture while also preventing neck issues. They’ll also help improve the user’s circulation by stopping slouching.

Below, you will learn a lot more about the benefits of gaming chairs.

gaming chair white - Finding The Best Gaming Chair For Your Room - Reviews and Tests


Spending hours in one position can take its toll on your body. A gaming chair with an ergonomic design is a necessity for these gamers. An ergonomic design will ensure your body is properly aligned, regardless of how long you sit in it. Poor body alignment can lead to spinal injuries, blood vessel constriction, and joint damage. The ergonomic design of a gaming chair will reduce your risk of developing these conditions in the future.

Feet Elevation

Have you noticed that your feet swell after playing games for several hours? If so, this is due to inactivity and fluid accumulation. The only solution is to keep your feet elevated when playing games. How is this possible? Well, you need to start with a gaming chair with an elevated footrest. This feature will help keep your feet elevated and your body properly aligned at the same time.

Better Dynamic Movement

While gamers spend hours playing, they often make frequent body adjustments. When you get excited, you probably wiggle around and wave your hands in the air. This is just the excitement of the movement. With that said, moving only slightly in the wrong direction can lead to a back injury. To eliminate this risk, you will need a gaming chair. Most gaming chairs are designed with 360-degree swivel rotation. This design will allow you to move your entire body 360 degrees without the risk of injury.

Continuous Comfort

Gaming chair with extra padding offers continuous comfort, regardless of how long you remain seated. You will experience minimal or no discomfort when utilizing a gaming chair. The extra padding will also reduce the pressure on your coccyx and spine. Still, think you do not need a gaming chair?

What To Look For In A Gaming Chair

Ultimately, there are many gaming chairs on the market so you’ll need to find the one that is going to serve you best. To do that, you’ll need to look at a few key characteristics. This can help ensure that you’re spending your money wisely and getting the best chair possible.


First, you should consider the design of the chair. You’ll want to make sure that the chair has an ergonomic design. This means that it’ll conform to your body and provide extra comfort. Simultaneously, the chair should offer some adjustability. This guarantees that you can adjust the chair to perfectly match your body size and shape.


When choosing a gaming chair, you’ll want a sturdy one. When you’re sitting in the chair, it should not rock around at all. It should remain steady on the ground at all times. It shouldn’t wobble or squeak either. You should be confident that the chair is going to withstand the test of time. If not, the chair isn’t sturdy enough and isn’t worth the money.


You will find that gaming chairs are made with an assortment of materials. Some are better than others. For instance, PVC leather is one of the best materials for gaming chairs. It is very comfortable and it can resist stains, water, and fire. If you intend to eat while playing your favorite games, PVC leather is the best option. However, you should know that the breathability is reduced. If you want a more breathable material, you may want to choose a leather or PU leather chair.

Either way, it is pertinent to learn more about these materials so you’ll know which one is right for you.

Don’t Forget Your Budget

Unfortunately, you’re likely operating on a limited budget and that can make things tougher for you. If this is the case, you’ll need to consider the cost of the chair. Make sure that it is affordable. However, you should try to spend a little more since this will ensure that you get a higher quality chair. If you’ve got extra money to spend, you should splurge and spend more. Doing so will likely pay dividends.

Brand And Warranty

Finally, you should take the time to learn more about the brand and the warranty it offers. Some brands offer lengthier warranties and they’re more responsive. Others are difficult to work with and you’ll want to avoid them. It is wise to get a chair with a longer warranty since this will give you more peace of mind. Just make sure that the company behind the product is reliable so you can remedy problems as soon as possible.


Gaming chairs offer numerous benefits making them a great addition to any gaming room. If you play a lot of video games and want to be comfortable at all times, you should buy a gaming chair. However, you need to buy the best gaming chair for your individualistic needs. This will ensure that your chair is going to last and your comfort will do the same.

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The best cat collar – Our recommendations for 2020

The best cat collar – Our recommendations for 2020

best cat collars - The best cat collar - Our recommendations for 2020

If you have a cat and you want your neighbors to recognize it and not drive it away, then you can put a collar on it. However, considering that there are countless models, with different characteristics and roles, we propose a simpler option from the start.

Bestseller No. 1
41Qxc7ak mL - The best cat collar - Our recommendations for 2020
473 Rating
waaag Pet Collar Gold Moons and Stars Cat Collar, Safety Breakaway Cat Collar, Glow in The Dark (Standard 9"-15" Neck, Black)
  • This collar comes with a bell and a crescent moon charm.
  • All waaag pet collars are designed in the USA and handmade with love. Make a fashion statement and stand out with this exclusive end elegant collar!
  • Super cute packaging makes it a perfect gift for your furry family members or anyone who loves pets.
  • Designed with adjustable and breakaway buckle, a guarantee for your cat being fabulous and safe under any situation.
  • Find more original waaag pet supplies (cat collars, dog collars, hound collars, cat leashes, dog leashes, cat harness, dog harness, dog leashes for 2 dogs, pet costumes and etc.) on Amazon, search: waaag pet supplies
Bestseller No. 2
Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats, 8-month Flea and Tick Collar for Cats
  • Provides 8-months of continuous flea and tick prevention
  • Seresto flea and tick collar for cats works through contact, so fleas and ticks do not have to bite your cat to die
  • Vet-recommended flea and tick prevention for cats in a convenient, odorless non-greasy collar; no need for messy monthly treatments
  • Starts to repel and kill fleas within 24 hours of initial application
SaleBestseller No. 3
CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar, Cat Safety Collar with Elastic Strap, Kitten Collar for Cat with Bell Black Blue Red Orange Lime Green (Neck Fit 9"-11", Yellow)
  • Total length of this collar is 12", width is 3/8", weight is about 11 grams. It may fit 9"-11" cat's neck. Please measure your cat's neck with a soft measuring tape to choose correct size.
  • This beautiful handmade cat-safe leather cat collar comes with bright-colored tiny metal bell. Color of the bell may vary.
  • Made out of soft genuine leather, this elegant collar for kittens is hand stitched to ensure you’re getting a long lasting good quality product. Elastic strap is designed to allow easy release in case your pet’s collar snags on to something. Bright color will make your cat easy to spot and a metal bell will help you to keep monitor kitten’s whereabouts. It's safe and looks stylish!
  • Handmade leather cat collars is a perfect combination of style, high quality and comfort. These leather collars for adult cats as well as kittens are comfortable, pliable, light and elegant. Quality hardware is used to make these genuine leather collars for cats.
  • We also offer matching leather leashes for our adjustable Leather collars for cats. Browse our store for other matching products.
Bestseller No. 4
CollarDirect Aztec Cat Collar Breakaway Pack of 2 PCS Nylon Tribal Pattern Geometric Pet Kitten Collars for Cats (Aztec Sunset + Ethnic Teal)
  • Cat collars are easily adjustable from 7” to 11”, width is 3/8". Please measure your cat's neck with a soft measuring tape to choose correct size.
  • A Set of 2 PCS. Tribal cat collars are available in 3 combinations: Ethnic Teal and Tribal Magenta, Tribal Magenta and Aztec Sunset, Aztec Sunset and Ethnic Teal.
  • Equipped with breakaway buckle. Each beautiful cat collar comes with metal bell.
  • High-quality nylon provides security and comfort during walking, playing and other outdoor activities.
  • Browse our store for other pet products.
Bestseller No. 5
Joytale Breakaway Cat Collar with Bow Tie and Bell, Cute Plaid Patterns, 1 Pack Kitty Safety Collars,Haze Blue
  • Adjustable; Neck 7 to 11 inch, Width 3/8 inch; 100% cotton fabric, soft and comfortable, plaid design makes your kitten and puppies adorable
  • Breakaway Buckle;Encountered danger. The safety buckle will be released quickly. Protect the safety of cats
  • Bow Tie; The bow is tied to the collar with elastic loop. Removable and Replaceable. Making your boys and girls eye-catching
  • Bell Accessories; with melodious sound, you will find your sweet baby kitty right now
  • Multiple Colour; Pink.Red.Green.Blue.Teal.Orange.Blcak plaid. Suitable for occasions such as daily wears, weddings, birthday, Halloween, Christmas
SaleBestseller No. 6
PUPTECK 2 PCS Soft Leather Cat Kitten Collar-Orange, Purple, Black, Khaki, Pink, Blue
  • The size of this collar is designed to fit cats and some small dog breeds, adjusted from 8.7"- 10.6"
  • Made of super soft PU leather material, it’s durable, comfort, and high tenacity
  • Reliable, 5000 times bending experiments,no crack and no stripping.
  • PU Leather easy to clean easy to keep its beauty,perfect for the daily use of the cats
  • Pack of 2: Come with two different color, best gifts for you cats.
Bestseller No. 7
Cat Collar Stars and Moon, 3-Pack, Reflective with Bell, Solid & Safe Collars for Cats, Nylon, Kitty Collars, Pet Collar, Breakaway Cat Collar, Free Replacement
  • STARS & MOON DESIGN Cat Collars - Unique Reflective cat collar design created by Bemix Pets. Included in the package is 3 reflective breakaway cat collars with bell : red, blue, black.
  • HIGH QUALITY KITTY COLLARS - Our reflective cat / puppy collar is solid, made of nylon. Comes with bells.
  • WORKS ON MANY PETS - Great collars for cats and small dogs and other small pets as well.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE - The size of the Breakaway Cat Collars is 7-11" (adjustable range)
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY CARD or FREE REPLACEMENT - If you are not satisfied with our cat collars we will give you a refund or send you a free replacement.
Bestseller No. 8
316b4IL l0L - The best cat collar - Our recommendations for 2020
821 Rating
Red Dingo Classic Cat Collar, One Size Fits All, Pink
  • Adjustable for perfect fit
  • Soft yet durable webbing
  • Splice cut for improve pet comfort
  • Matching bell for wild life protection
  • 8-13-Inch in length, 1/2 inch in width
Bestseller No. 9
TCBOYING Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell, Mixed Colors Reflective Cat Collars - Ideal Size Pet Collars for Cats or Small Dogs(6pcs/Set)
  • 6 pcs/set, Adjustable from 7 to 12 inch with snap buckle, 3/8 inch width.
  • SAFETY: Strong break-away safety release buckle, easy to open and close. They have an easy to adjust strap made from high quality, durable, soft and skin-friendly fabric.
  • Made of high quality nylon material, the reflective strip is highly visible at night
  • VIBRANT COLOURS & REFLECTIVE STRAP - Reflective strap and bright colours help you find your pet outdoors after dark and it helps make your pet visible to cars on the road or your flashlight when you're out searching for them.
  • contains 6 different colors (Red, pink, yellow, blue, black and fluorescent green) . 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Does not fit or just don't like it? We'll send you a no questions asked refund. So, click the "add to cart" button now and get this benefit.
SaleBestseller No. 10
CollarDirect Cat Collar with Bell Floral Pattern 2 Pack Set Flower Adjustable Safety Breakaway Collars for Cats Kitten (Black + Yellow)
  • Cat collars are easily adjustable from 7" to 11", width is 3/8". Please measure your cat's neck circumference with a soft measuring tape to choose a correct size.
  • A Set of 2 PCS. Flower collars are available in 3 color combinations: Pink and Aquamarine, Toffee and Navy Blue, Black and Yellow.
  • Each beautiful floral cat collar comes equipped with a breakaway buckle and a metal bell for extra pet safety.
  • High-quality nylon provides security and comfort during walking, playing and other outdoor activities.
  • Browse our store for other pet products.

The best cat collar has an adjustable length depending on the thickness of your pet’s neck. It is made of nylon and will not be affected by water or mud. It has an optimal width of 15 mm, which will make it observable, but it will not bother or break the fur.

The dark shade can contrast nicely on a white or red cat or you can match it with a black one, if you want it not to be seen immediately. For other accessories that you may want to choose and add yourself (bell, threaded cylinder with address, leash, GPS tracker), you have a metal ring.

How to choose a good cat collar

Buyer’s guide

When you have an animal, even if it is a cat, it is good to identify it in a way that is yours. A collar can do this and at the same time offer you other benefits. When you want to choose such a product, it is good to take into account some criteria that will help you select the best option for your friend.


Such an accessory can simply be a collar that you put on your cat’s neck to individualize it or it can be used to attach your data and, why not, a GPS tracking device (you will see on the phone what is the route of the animal when it is unattended, especially if you live in a house with big garden).

A more special type is the antiparasitic variant which usually will not have another role besides it. It will keep fleas at bay, and some models will also act against ticks, lice or insects (flies, mosquitoes). It is good not to hang anything else on these products, because you can limit their effectiveness.


Of course, one of the most important roles of such an accessory is beauty. Here you will have to take into account first of all the color and the way it matches or contrasts with the fur. You can choose something in dark shades (black, brown, blue), which will not be visible on a similar hair, but which will stand out on a white animal. Or you can choose something with more personality, pink or red for females, blue or green for cats.

If you also want additional items, you can find products with bows, popcorn, beads, rhinestones or even a small, triangular scarf. They can be simple or with prints, of the same color as the collar or not. However, it is good to keep in mind that they are more suitable for a pet, because outside, in the bushes will be torn and torn or, worse, can cause immobilization and even strangulation of the animal if it clings and the object can not be taken out of the head.


Some opinions about the best cat collars are based on the fact that they must have a length that can be adjusted according to the thickness of the neck. There are small animals, 2-3 kg that will need only 15-20 cm, but also large ones, 10-15 kg, which will need up to 30 cm. The length and thickness of the fur can also contribute to shaping this aspect, because if there will be more hair under the belt, it will have to be wider. The adjustment must be made so that there are no pieces of collar that hang unsightly, but they can be somehow attached to the rest (in a hole).


There are models that are provided with a short elastic band located immediately after the buckle and whose role is double. On the one hand it makes wearing more comfortable, and on the other hand it allows the head to release if the product hangs in a fence or bush, thus preventing the immobilization or suffocation of the animal.


Because we live in a modern era and we can adapt some solutions on a small scale, but also because there is always the danger of car traffic, have appeared on the market cat collars, at good prices, which have a small light bulb type LED or a bright silicone ring, powered by a battery and can be charged even via USB.

Thus, they become visible from a distance and easy to identify both by you, the owner and by the drivers. More accessible variants, but designed for the same purpose are the reflective ones, made of nylon.


And this feature is important because both a model that is too wide and one that is too narrow can be annoying while wearing or can even cause injuries by rubbing the edges of the skin, hanging or breaking the fur. The most suitable is a width of 10 – 15 mm.


You will find many models of cat collars that are included in sets with harness and leash. If your pet is used to being walked like this and only comes out when you accompany him outside, this solution may seem advantageous. In addition, all items will be matched.

If you have not yet decided which product to choose for your pet, you can also consult the descriptions below or you can search online for various models, to find out what are the key features of each.

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