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How to choose best treadmills in 2021


A treadmill is the optimal solution for all people who want to train from home because they do not have enough time to go to the gym or to run in the park. You need the best treadmill when you want to train effectively, which is why we present you three of the best treadmills and all the features we have taken into account for their choice.

How did I choose the best treadmill?

best treadmill - How to choose best treadmills in 2021

Workspace and size

To save time before shopping, measure the space available. It also measures any desired storage space if you are considering a foldable treadmill. Because tread sizes are usually known, you should compare what you measured with what the manufacturer indicates. Remember that the required tread (running belt size) can influence the overall treadmill footprint.


Do you want to take easy walks, straight runs or downhill runs? The harder the exercise, the more you will need a powerful motor. Determining what you will use the treadmill for, you will be able to choose its dimensions, because those that offer you more types of road conditions are larger.


Most treadmills have special features. Such features are not necessary for cardio exercise, but can enhance the experience during exercise. The most common examples are preset workouts, iPod compatible speakers, web browsers and TVs.

Automatic tilt

The self-tilting treadmill makes the exercises more interesting, varying the ride. They also have three very practical benefits: they make exercise easier for the joints, allow faster calorie burning and ensure better muscle definition.

Most treadmills at home have maximum slopes of 10%, 15% and 20%. The highest level of inclination is 40%. At this level you burn calories like a pro even if you just walk on the treadmill.


The treadmill is the one that actually moves the treadmill. Its power is very important, there are magnetic treadmills that use their own body to move the belt but these models are very old and have been replaced with electric ones. They have a power between 1 and 3 hp and the higher the power, the higher the speed of the belt and will remain functional over time.

How to choose the best treadmill for your needs

Training programs

Most home treadmills offer built-in training programs that control speed and incline. Some of the programs are short while others include dozens of routines. Often, this scheduling justifies a price increase.

Wireless monitor

Accurate heart rate data can help you train more effectively. Wireless heart rate monitor offer the highest accuracy. Some wireless monitor bands also offer heart rate control; Pre-set training programs will be adjusted to help you stay safe in your health.

The belt and the deck

These are structural elements of the band and are the ones that decide the efficiency and convenience of the device, while also influencing its lifespan. When you don't have much space in the house, you can choose a folding treadmill. The deck is an important component because the treadmill rests on it and the friction between the elements is an important factor in the process of damaging the treadmill. A bridge of the best quality will be made of several layers of material and is lubricated and the belt can be turned for uniform wear.


A treadmill with a built-in display is more interesting than one without and even more useful. The treadmill can have a tablet holder, a water bottle holder, a place to hang your towel and other similar aspects. All these are very important and affect the comfort you will have while running. Also, an elbow support can be useful during specific exercises.

Number of kilograms supported

This is an aspect that must be checked beforehand, especially by people who are overweight or those who want to develop a lot of muscle mass. Most treadmills used at home support up to 100 kg but there are also models that can reach higher values.

Special functions for training

There are also treadmills that offer you a panel on which you will be able to monitor your activity. In addition to the vast number of programs you can use during exercise, you can benefit from continuous heart rate monitoring, a very important aspect for people with heart problems or for those who want to perform. There are also devices with an adjustable damping system, gentle on the joints and imitating the ground. When the control panel connects to the iPad you can keep a workout history. The buttons can also be resistant to contact with water. The special functions also increase the price of the device, but they ensure all your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What safety feature should I look for when buying a treadmill?

Automatic shutdown is an important safety feature, especially for people who use the tape for recovery or the elderly. It is also important for those with pets or young children. Automatic shutdown is usually controlled with a key. When you practice, the key is attached to your body with a string. If you slip, the key will disengage and the treadmill will stop. The key can also be removed after each training session to prevent accidental activation of the treadmill.

How do I warm up on the treadmill?

Even if you are not on the track running you need warm-up to withstand without any problem the effort you are going to undergo. You can start with stretching exercises that warm up the muscles and relax the joints. You can make sure that at this stage you work your ankles and knees, your back muscles and abdominal muscles, arms and shoulders because your whole body will be involved in what you do next.

What should I do after buying a new treadmill?

For a start you need to know the device very well. Before working on such a device, we recommend that you know perfectly where it is turned on, how it can be turned off and what its basic settings are, but also how it can be programmed.

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