Best pressure washer Machine – our Recommendations for 2021

Some of the most practical inventions lately, pressure washer machine allow you to quickly and efficiently clean exterior surfaces that, otherwise, you would manually rub or leave dirty.

As the investment is not small, and time is short, you can go on our recommendation, a model with which to clean the pavement in front of the house, car or even furniture in the garden: Karcher K5 Full Premium Full Control.

Work with pressure (145 bar), it's strong (2100W, 500l/hour) and has a pistol that you can control easily and comfortably, being equipped with LED screen that you can check the operating parameters of the machine (you can adjust the pressure, depending on the type of the surface, you can From simple washing to washing with detergent, etc.). If you are interested in a less efficient and accessible device, we suggest Karcher K 2 Compact.

How to choose a good cleaning machine with pressure

Buyer's Guide – Pressure Washer Machine

The pressure washer is a very useful device for cleaning, especially when you live at home. With its help, you can clean large objects or complex surfaces with a high degree of dirt, effortless and in just a few minutes. With Such a device you can clean pavements, garden furniture, walls, the interior of the garage and even the car.

To find the best pressure cleaner, you need some general information about this product.

Below we offer you a list of the most important features of the piece designated as a major topic in this article:


The best pressure washer machines are the perfect devices to get the dirt that is usually deposited on objects used especially outside the house. Bicycle, car, garden furniture, terraces or garage doors will be subjected to a continuous process of muttering due to weather, human activity and time.

Dust and mud can be hard to remove manually, and that's why some manufacturers have made a water-pressure tool to quickly and easily remove any trace of dirt.

The way and purpose in which you want to use the washing machine directly influences the features you need to follow.

Being harder to find on the market, the easiest is to buy your washing machine with pressure from the internet. Here you have a wide variety of products and offers, and discounts and promotions will surely persuade you to ease your work outside the house with such a powerful device.


This pressure machine generates between 100 and 150 bars, where the water pressure measurement unit is the bar. For delicate cleaning, you will choose 100 – 105bar, and for difficult dirt you need at least 130 – 140bar. Water under pressure acts as a brute force, allowing cleaning of surfaces.

The stronger the pressure, the easier it will be to clean up even the toughest dirt deposits, even on rough surfaces.

At the same time, you have to be careful what surfaces you plan to clean up. A high pressure of the water generated by the washing machine can deform or even spoil some plastic surfaces, cardboard or whiteboard, or peel the paint.


The best pressure cleaner should contain at least one of these accessories: soil brushes and nozzles, sewage outlet and downpipes, sandblasting kit for facades, roofs and terraces, specific detergents for pressure cleaning.

If the washing machine purchased does not contain a lot of accessories, it is advisable to buy a few besides the base set. Thus, you will be able to clean everything outside the house without much effort.


The nozzle allows you to modulate the way you clean the surfaces, offering different shapes of the water jet: flat and rotating.

Most pressure washing machines offer a flat jet, but here the shape of the jetting does not really adjust. If you want more control, choose a rotating nozzle with which you can adjust the shape of the jet.

You can thus clean tiles, pavers, stones or concrete and you can even peel off the peeled paint from certain facades.

Technical Details

It is important to know the materials from which the pressure machine is made. A quality model has the body of the pump made of brass and ceramic piston.

These two materials have a very high resistance and can be used intensely without big problems, being resistant to oxidation and the action of the detergent.

Featured Models in 2019

Karcher K5 Full Premium Full Control

pressure washer machine - Best pressure washer Machine – our Recommendations for 2021

With a power of 2100W (continuous connection to the network), a washing pressure of up to 145 bar and with a jet of 500l/hour, Karcher K5 Full Premium Full Control can clean almost any surface:

from dust on the furniture in the garden or on the car or bicycle , up to the dirt accumulated on the floor, tile, concrete slabs, fencesinfluence and even carpets.

Cover a portion of 40sqm, and you can remove even stubborn deposits (oil stains, excrements, etc.), thanks to the maximum temperature achieved, of 40 degrees.

It is equipped with a gun plus 8 m hose and a support for it (for a slight maneuvering), alongside a rotative lance. It also incorporates water filter, and users who have already purchased it are declared excited about the reliability of the machine.

On the LED display, attached to the hand, on the pistol, you can check and adjust the pressure level, you can select to wash with a strong jet or with detergent water, the change between the two options making instant, without any additional operation on your part. Unfortunately, some buyers mention that the foam emanates is not the densest.

The handle is telescopic and made of aluminium, for a comfortable setting according to the user, the hose has a drum, connects quickly to the mains, via a coupling on the side of the device, and is equipped with wheels, to Easier to manoeuvre the weight of 13.1 kg of the appliance.


Effectively eliminates any type of dirt, thanks to pressure, water flow and strong temperature (145 bar, 500l/hour and 40 degrees Celsius).
You can adapt it to numerous surfaces and angles, with a lance and an 8m hose gun.
It presents many amenities that provide ergonomics (wheels, hose drum, support for the user's foot, etc.).
It is delivered free of charge, along with a 24-month warranty.


Some users complain that the foam made is not as fluffy as the one from the professional washes.

K1700 Cube

Looking for the best pressure cleaner? Well, then K1700 Cube will prove to be a real surprise to you. Compact and powerful, the product is in the category of electric cleaners and offers a maximum pressure of 20 ft, summing up a power of 1700 W, which means it is intended for domestic use, that is, washing the car and windows.

high pressure washer machine - Best pressure washer Machine – our Recommendations for 2021

Other indicators of the efficiency of the appliance are the water flow (360 L/h) and the accompanying accessories, such as: Lance Roto-Power, the Vario-Jet-Fan and the washing gun, thanks to which you can clean, besides the paving in the yard, and the car, the furniture garden and other outdoor equipment.

Moreover, the washer is equipped with a water filter, whose role is to protect the elements of the limestone cleaner from the water. It does not weigh very much (15.5 lbs), so thanks to the ergonomic handle and reduced weight, the appliance is easy to use and easy to carry.

How to use a pressure cleaner

There is always something to clean, arrange or be done around a house, which is why people living at the court find indispensable a pressure washer.

But once you have decided on the model you are about to acquire, you only have to enjoy it in full, and for this to happen, it is important to have the information necessary for the good use and maintenance of the car Pressure cleaner, as we consider that the paragraphs below will prove very useful in this respect.

Does pressure washer need water to start?

Yes and here it`s response for how to add water to the water-cleaning machine:

This professional equipment will help you to properly sanitize facades, stone slabs, terraces, vehicles of any type, metal constructions, etc., but only if it is supplied with water properly.

So, for optimum operation, you need to attach the lance with the high pressure hose, while connecting the other side of it to the pump connection. Next, tie the suction hose to the rubber inlet and align the other end to the water tap.

Once you have taken these steps, all you have to do is to inquire about the minimum amount of liquid that the cleaning device can be supplied with, and then try to adjust it with the help of the float supplied, so that the pressure of the jet is proper surface you intend to wash in order not to cause damage.

How to choose detergents

As you know, the high pressure pump can also vacuum detergent or maintenance fluid, which you mix together with pressurized water, but to achieve optimum performance in terms of removal of dirt and deposits, it is recommended that be chosen on the basis of the chemical compatibility criterion for the type of area to be cleaned.

Beyond this, specialists believe that detergents must be biodegradable, with neutral Ph (between 7 – 9), and be in compliance with the normatives in force in the country where they are used.

How to operate the pressure cleaner

First of all, you need to open the water supply and press the power button on the washing machine ("Start").

Once you have done so, pull the safety trigger of the spear sprinkled gun, since that time the liquid is pumped to the nozzle, sign that the equipment can be used.

When It is released, the pistol closes, preventing the liquid from coming out.

If you have finished working or simply decided to take a break, operate the safety lock of the appliance, because its role is to prevent accidental pressing of the trigger. In the first situation, it is also advisable to turn off the pressure cleaner from the button ("OFF").

How to use the washing machine with safe pressure

The operator of the pressure cleaner, during its use, must wear the necessary protective equipment: waterproof clothing, anti-skid rubber boots, protective goggles, helmet, etc. and avoid using the device in the proximity of undressed people, to be safe both him and those around him.

Also, the user does not have to make the water jet to people, to clean clothes or shoes, animals, electrical appliances or the car itself, because it is dangerous and can cause serious damage to individuals and can produce damage to the washing machine.

Last but not least, avoid performing cleaning or maintenance works of the jet device if the power cord has not been removed.

How to maintain the pressure cleaner

In order to maintain the machine in good working order and to prolong its lifespan, certain care and maintenance operations are required, such as:

  • periodic control of the integrity of the components (e.g. cleaning of the sulphur heating serpentine and carbon);
  • Checking the oil level and completing it if it is too low, or replacing it if it has a grey or whitish color;
  • Adjusting the ignition electrodes;

Periodic checking of the fuel filter and cleaning it if necessary, in order not to penetrate the dirt in the reservoir during the water supply of the cleaning machine, etc.

Popular Brands:

When you live at home, you know how difficult it is to clean around the house, on the terrace or in the addicted.

From this perspective, the models of pressure cleaners, powerful and efficient appliances that help you to wash the exterior furniture, paving, soprano, Storshell, garage, car are appreciated.

They remove more easily and quickly the dirt that inevitably lies in such spaces. But if you want to opt for a good model, you will need to inform yourself on some of the basic features of these machines.

It is also always an inspired idea to choose a product manufactured by recognized companies on the market of Home & Garden maintenance appliances, which have formed along the activity a reliable image.

We will give you some data about three major brands appreciated in this area.


With a history of 82 years, Karcher has permanently brought innovations for his clients, the company being founded in 1935 in Stuttgart, by Alfred Karcher, a passionate inventor.

Initially, the product development activity was centered on heating systems for industrial use, the company coming with us and revolutionary solutions that set the foundations for success.

He specialized in the manufacture of heating appliances, during the war producing small stoves for refugees, among others. The chairman of the company's administration declares that "Innovation was the cornerstone of the foundation of society."

The Business was continued by Alfred's wife, Irene, who expanded the company internationally.

It decides in 1974 to reorient the work on the manufacture of cleaning appliances, an innovation constituting the first high-pressure cleaning machine and hot water on the European market.

Thus began the brand specialization on this product line, which was in constant development of new technologies.

In ' 84 It also offers the first portable cleaning apparatus for households, creating a new market. Today the company has centers and service points in over 190 countries, with a wide range of cleaning products.

The brand is customer oriented and is involved in voluntary activities of restoration of historical monuments from all over the world.


Bosch is undoubtedly one of the strongest international companies, leading in the development of new technologies, activating in 4 sectors: industrial technology, technology for construction and energy, mobility solutions and consumer goods. The company invites in annual research in order to continuously provide new systems for a better and "connected" life.

With about 450 companies in 60 countries and service and distribution points worldwide, the Bosch Group has become an important leader in technological development. Since its founding by Robert Bosch in 1886, the company has based its growth and success on the power of innovation. He created various revolutionary products throughout his activity.

Among these can be mentioned, in short, the first diesel injection pump, the first ABS, the injection unit continues with electrical control and many more.

Until today, the group has assembled numerous patents of invention. Its mission is to enhance the quality of consumer living through modern and intelligent solutions.

Any Bosch products go through a series of strict testing, to provide the highest quality equipment, on the principle of "credibility, confidence and respect of the law". The company's values are performance, initiative, social responsibility, fairness, the group being oriented towards development and community involvement.

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