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Best Fitness Tracker Reviews 2020

best tracker - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020

You need a new best fitness tracker, but the multitude of models on the market are you bulging? Use the information in the ranks below to make an informed decision and peek at the best selling such gadgets in recent months, the first being Xiaomi Mi Band 3, the third iteration of an increasingly powerful Chinese brand On the profile market, which modernizes and brings improvements to the existing concept.

Bello Digital Belly Fat Scanner – Extremely Accurate Belly Fat Analyzer with Smart Health App - Wireless, Bluetooth, Handheld Health Tracker
  • Decode your belly fat - One of the most critical parts of your health - Bello is the world’s first portable device designed to monitor belly fat. Place the lightweight scanner against your belly daily to calculate your current body health condition. Bello goes beyond just using a scale to help you better understand and manage your weight and waistline.
  • Alternative to yo-yo dieting - Bello helps you make healthier choices that lead to a healthier lifestyle, as belly fat is the most common reason for yo-yo dieting. Bello app’s management hub provides health conscious inspiration to make lasting change.
  • Results in seconds - With a belly scan in just three seconds, Bello helps manage your waistline on-the-go. The accurate, real-time abdominal fat readings offer the guidance you need to stay on track.
  • Syncs to Smart health app - Optimize your health goals conveniently with Bello smart app. Links with the scanner to provide three-step guidelines and goals for food and activities.
  • Reinforce positive behaviors for a healthier lifestyle - Stay focused on your goals with daily measurements. Easily review your diet and exercise recommendations and use Bello for encouragement to get fit.
ShuYo Scrunchie Versa Watch Bands Compatible with Versa 2/ Versa/Versa Lite/SE/Versa Special,Soft Fabric Elastic Strap Replacement Wristband Accessories for Women Girls
  • 【Compatible Device】Compatible with Versa/ Versa 2/ Versa Lite Edition/ Versa Special Edition/ Versa 2 SE smart watch,perfect accessory for your watch. (Note: NO watch)
  • 【Elastic Design Fit Most Wrist】Small and Large. Small Size - 6.3 - 7.9 inches (160mm-200mm) . Large Size - 7.9-9.3 inches (180mm-230mm) wrist. Please measure your wrist size to choose the comfortable size.
  • 【Stylish and Quality】Soft and comfortable material.Durable ,washable and super cute! Easy to wash and stays on your wrist. It’s skin-friendly and comfortable to wear on your hands. Beautiful pattern band is a must for our dresses. Floral watch bands make us get a lot of compliments.
  • 【Great Gift】Outstanding designed and manufactured,Please choose the color that suits you,personalize your own styles .Suit for Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Wedding Anniversary and Birthday party.For men, it's also a pretty festival gift for your girl friend or wife or mom.
  • 【Buy With Confidence】We insist on the high quality of our products, If your band has any quality issues, Please contact us at the first time. We will Hassle free replacement or money back during the warranty without return.
Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor Blood Pressure Make Call Fitness Tracker with Pedometer Calorie Step Counter for Women Men
  • 【Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor】this smart watch can detect heart rate and blood pressure,it can be monitored anytime and anywhere through the bracelet.Measuring can visually reflect a person's physical health
  • 【Bluetooth Call】Support bluetooth calls,free your hands anytime and anywhere,easily respond,swipe to answer incoming calls,making the answer more efficient
  • 【7 Sports Modes】According to the sport mode you choose,the sport interface is displayed.Whether it is running,cycling,you can turn on the matching sport mode,keep abreast of your exercise situation,and adjust your exercise plan
  • 【Multifunction Fitness Tracker】Pedometer/Sports Modes/Heart Rate Monitor/Blood Pressure/Sleep Monitor/Call,Alarm,Sedentary Reminder/Message Notification/Alarm/Remote Camera/Bluetooth Call/Stopwatch,can satisfy your daily life
  • 【Broad Compatibility&Long Battry Life】supports iOS 8.0 and above,Android 4.4 and above smartphones(not for PC, iPad or Tablet).290mAh battery,large capacity and fast charging
N-A 5.5 mm Ring Wide Faceted Cut Geometric Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings for Men Jewelry Male White 9
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Metals Type:Zinc Alloy
  • Material:Metal
  • Setting Type:None
  • Function:Fitness Tracker

With a slim appearance and intuitive control on the OLED display, it provides the buyer with a variety of functions of a classic clock, such as time and date reading, including even more technologized options such as alerts and alarms, notifications from your phone (Messages, calls), pulse reader and steps or the number of calories consumed.

And it lasts up to 20 days with a single load, as it is always connected to the mobile phone. An alternative equally beloved by USA buyers is the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 model.

This article addresses regular users looking for new fun and useful gadgets, contributing to the effective monitoring of the physical condition, including a sensor for reading dynamic pulse (constantly) and breathing, Along with a variety of useful information such as quality and duration of sleep, number of steps or distances traveled.

How to choose a good fitness bracelet

Buyer’s Guide

Have you decided this year to stop lazin’ and finally get the muscle tone you’ve been dreaming about since high school?

Or maybe you need to give a number of kilos down, or perhaps you intend to prepare yourself thoroughly for the next semi-marathon?

Whatever the case may be, if you have proposed to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, you will have to pay attention to the progress you make. That’s exactly what a fitness tracker can do for you.

The device is able to record, measure and analyze the effort you traveled a day or longer period, helping you to continuously monitor your evolution. More specifically, depending on the objective set, the device will tell you how long you have to go to achieve it.

To know exactly what such a product can offer, traveled minimum documentation is required, and our specialists have done this for you. From Our shopping guide you’ll find out all about the devices, but also where I find the fitness bracelet, at good prices, other people.

Models of fitness trackers:

calories bracelet 1 - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020

You can choose between bracelets for daily work or workout. The differences between the two are mainly related to endowments, functions and, above all, price.

1 41Jzw3pWWtL - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 Letsfit Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker with 1.3" Touch...
2 91au8g2DhML - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker with Built-in GPS, Heart Rate, Sleep & Swim Tracking,...
3 41UXMinbskL - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 Introducing Amazon Halo - Health & wellness band and membership - Black + Onyx - Large
4 412Sm6t49UL - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition Fitness and Activity Tracker with Built-in GPS, Heart Rate, Sleep &...
5 41zW4KQuQrL - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 YAMAY Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Watches for Men Women, Fitness Watch Heart Rate Monitor IP68...
6 41ZXLm45OuL - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 Snoky Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer for Walking Step Activity Sleep Tracker Calorie...
7 51c51tB73aL - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 WalkerFit Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker Waterproof Pedometer Smartwatch...
8 419OopaqxuL - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Smart Fitness...
9 41ib3HsKRYL - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 Gushull Fitness Tracker Watch Heart Rate Monitor, Smart Watch Activity Tracker Watch with Calorie...
10 41TE05pQUtL - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 Mgaolo Fitness Tracker Smart Watch with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Sleep Monitor for Men and...
11 41K3eVxuHML - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 Lintelek Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker with Connected GPS, IP67...
12 41PUw 7HX5L - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 Garmin vívosmart 4, Activity and Fitness Tracker w/ Pulse Ox and Heart Rate Monitor, Rose Gold w/...
13 41jfMEo338L - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 Letsfit Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch, Smart Fitness Band with Heart Rate Monitor, IP68...
14 41CAoGPvNiL - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 Wyze Band Activity Tracker with Alexa Built-In, Smart Watch Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor,...
15 41IUIy4UrAL - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 fitness tracker waterproof watch activity tracker heart rate sleep monitor sport fit bit watch...
16 41j08oUYITL - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 Mgaolo Fitness Tracker,Waterproof Activity Tracker with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Sleep Monitor for...
17 41QmDZfeUGL - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 【2020 Version】 Upgraded Fitness Tracker, Waterproof Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor and...
18 41Wk+X4nPzL - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 Willful Smart Watch for Android Phones and iOS Phones Compatible iPhone Samsung, IP68 Swimming...
19 51+8ZmmPJOL - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 Smart Watch Fitness Tracker 1.4" Touch Screen, Fitness Step Counter, Activity Tracker with Heart...
20 414qAgwWlfL - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020 Donerton Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker for Women, 1.4" TFT LCD Screen Smartwatch with Heart Rate and...

The fitness bracelets for daily activity:

Are perfect for those who have proposed to be more active and want to be sure that they stick to the plan, because the devices register the level of effort made every day, so you always know if you have touched the proposed objectives. If you want to know how many steps you’ve gone, how many calories you’ve burned, how many stairs you’ve climbed, how long the physical exercise has lasted or to monitor activity during sleep, you can settle for such a device. The Objectives can be customized and adjusted according to physical evolution, and models are cheaper.

Fitness training Bracelets:

Offer more detailed measurements, with more accuracy, especially useful for the travel, cyclists, athletes who raise weights and, as a rule, any professional or amateur athlete. Provides information about speed, rhythm, steps performed, distance travelled (only if it incorporates GPS), etc.

It helps you train, because they use sensors and algorithms that detect and analyze the rhythm of the steps, how many punches you threw, how many stairs you climbed, how many laps the pool you made or how many hours you slept. Moreover, it registers altitude changes, and the more expensive variants can monitor the heart rate, but the risk of imprecision is present.

The display:

The fitness trackers can have a simple LED panel or LCD screen or OLED. The LED Ones play the data recorded through colored indicators, but to see the progress of the day you need to connect to your computer or smartphone. The fitness bracelets have the advantage that they are very fine and comfortable, but if you want to receive real-time notifications and interact with the data, you need a larger display.

fitness tracker bracelet - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020

LCD or OLED Variants represent larger, round or square screens, which the course is played in real time, by numbers, symbols or even words. They’re suitable if you’ve planned a certain training program and you don’t need to carry your phone.

The display can be controlled by buttons or touch. A touchscreen model may be easier to use when you are on the bike, however, many users, who have issued reviews about the best fitness bracelets, attract attention as for winter workouts, when worn and gloves, are more button screens.


The ability to transmit and store data on your phone or computer depends on the operating system with which the bracelet is compatible: Android, iOS, Web, Windows (rarer) or MAC. Also, in smart devices, manufacturers offer mobile applications through which you can monitor the activities performed, you can share them with friends, you can archive and analyze. Connecting to the smartphone can be done via the USB receiver or via Bluetooth, and some gadgets can also be linked to a heart rate measuring device, a smart bath or other device that reads more accurately.

Charging and autonomy:

Fitness bracelets can be supplied with rechargeable Li-Pol batteries, with an autonomy between 5 and 30 days, or with clock batteries, which are charged up to 6 months. In the case of the first models, the power can be made to a USB device or to a Bluetooth-compliant one, and the clock batteries must be changed. Models that incorporate multiple sensors or have coloured screens, which keep on continuously, will be downloaded faster.

Functions and Endowments:

  • An accelerometer will measure the steps and directions for moving up-down, left-right and front-back.
  • It also monitors sleep phases, can identify when you sleep easier or deeper, depending on the body movements, and emits vibrations that trigger at the time you set the alarm;
  • A gyroscope will detect the position of the body, recording if you are standing, sit down, you are supportive of a device, swim, pedal, etc.;
  • A magnetometer will identify more specific moves, as well as the direction in which you travel;
  • The barometer determines the altitude you are in (calculate, for example, how many stairs you have climbed);
  • The GPS is the only one that gives you information about the place and the route you’ve trained, whether you’re running, climbing a mountain or pedalers.

Be careful that in order to function, it is necessary that the weather be beautiful; Through the memory function, you will record workouts and all health data. The Memory can be stored from a few days to a month, being erased at the next synchronization.

Smart fitness trackers have keys through which you can initiate and retrieve phone calls, without having to remove the phone from your pocket. Notifications related to calls, messages and even emails are announced by vibration and can be viewed on the display.

Water Resistance:

It’s an important aspect to consider, if you want to keep active regardless of the weather outside, and even more so, if you want to wear the bracelet in the pool or other water sports. Not all models of bracelets are waterproof, and some of them can have moisture and splash resistance, while others face the rain and can be worn even in the shower.

heart fitness tracker - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020

If you have an idea of what you expect from the product, how successful you want it to be and how much you are willing to invest, we recommend that you call on the known brands, which offer extra insurance in terms of quality offered. A Samsung Fitness bracelet or Fitbit is always preferable to the detriment of a gadget no name. Also, those interested in affordable investments suggest that they orient themselves where they find the fitness bracelet, at a good price, the other buyers, i.e. the Internet. Online offerings tend to be richer, and costs can be influenced by discounts.

Review of Best Fitness Tracker

To stay up to date with your physical condition over the day and enjoy small notifications when you receive SMS or phones you will help such a gadget. And you can make an effective choice if you inform yourself well, before, on the most popular fitness trackers.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

the best fitness tracker - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020

To combine the tool with the pleasure and enjoy the monitoring of the usual parameters of your health, a fitness tracker such as this, which also enjoys a price accessible to any pocket, can benefit you. The most important of them is that you can control your heart rate, always being informed about your pulse thanks to the built-in sensor.

This third iteration of a model appreciated in terms of tracking the fitness parameters, Mi Band 3 manages to consolidate the positive options that made the brand known on this market niche, adding new improvements required and appreciated by Buyers. One of these is the intuitive OLED screen, about which some reviews say they are doing well enough in conditions of intense direct light.

Anyone who has a mobile phone with Android or iOS operating system can enjoy the usefulness of this little gadget, connecting to them via Bluetooth 4.2, a current version of the technology. The silicone bracelet remains stable on the hand, the risk of its loss being virtually non-existent.

And the best part is that it can be considered a fitness bracelet for swimming, being recommended for diving in water up to 50 m deep, without difficulty.

It has a pulse reading sensor, which translates into dynamic heart rate recording, among the useful functions of any person with the monitored activity of burnt calories, quality, and duration of sleep recording, counting Steps and distance.

And, because many users consider it one of the best fitness bracelets of the budget, we will also add the possibility of setting alarm alarms or sedation, which tells you to move when you stay too long in the office, and display messages and calls, Including the name of the contact.

The battery lasts very well in time, with autonomy of up to 20 days, according to the manufacturer the small pill being waterproof. The touchscreen OLED Display provides the user with precious information such as clock, alarms, weather or pulse data, although visibility in conditions of intense natural light is poor, as some buyers declare.

In the package, you will find the black bracelet, the gadget pill, the cable, and an instruction manual.


Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Tracker 3 – Brand choice.
It Provides the user with various functions such as a clock, alarms, notifications, sedentary alerts or weather.
Includes Real-time heart rate monitoring system.
Monitors the calories consumed, the number of steps and the distance traveled within 24 hours and the quality of sleep.
Water Resistance up to depth of 50 m.


Some buyers are dissatisfied with the low visibility of the screen in the direct swing of solar rays.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

best fitness tracker watch - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020

Here is a fitness bracelet, cheap and good, in which you can invest a few banks if you want to experiment for the first time "what to eat" such a gadget. Using a small OLED display that allows you to check, in turn, its numerous monitoring functions, has a slightly uncomfortable charging system, which involves removing the paste from the silicone bracelet and inserting it into the special lacing of the USB cable received in Package, which you will connect to the row or a charger, powerbank or computer.

Monitor the steps carried out throughout the day, the distance traveled and the quality of sleep, marking the moments of sleep easily and deeply in the application you are able to download and connect with the gadget so you can truly benefit from it.

In addition, it has a heart rate monitoring system, but you can only activate it from the smartphone application, it is necessary to start a physical activity for continuous recording. Otherwise, you can click on the right function to read your pulse at a certain time.

Because the screen is black and white, and the monitoring options are not active nonstop, the battery can hold up to 20 days, a very good time for such products. We also add the presence of alerts regarding receiving messages and calls, wake Alarm and sedentary and vibrational response.

It is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, opening up all the willing way to learning what it means to use a small fitness clock every day.


It has a function of monitoring a facets and a parcurse distances.
Measure the time of the heart during sessions at the gym or when you run.
Provides information on the duration and quality of sleep.
Choice of budget, which I love those who want to place what makes a gadget of this kind.


It does not actively monitor the pulse, and it is necessary to start a physical activity for this.

Xiaomi Amazfit Cor

best fitness tracker gps - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020

When you prefer a small electronic device, more like a jewel, you will enjoy the Amazfit Cor option, this variant with a black silicone bracelet. It is a choice for daily use in order to monitor the physical condition, by periodic checks of the heart rhythms, possible thanks to the built-in sensor.

The basic functions include pedometer, analysis of sleep quality, parked distances and burnt calories (made using the built-in accelerometer), as well as setting alarms and weather forecasts. Everything is visible on the small 1.23-inch IPS LCD display, protected by Gorilla Glass 3, giving it durability for scratching. And It is resistant to water drops, so accidents or rain will not hinder you.

Use a battery with a running time of up to 12 days, which is loading in 2 hours, an average value, being connected to Android phones and iOS current production. A reason for dissatisfaction with some users is that it does not start activities like running on its own, requiring their choice from the mobile application.





Garmin Viofit

best fitness tracker for running - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020

If you were interested in buying a fitness bracelet at a good price, find out that buying the model of the girl will get you a lot more. Not only will the device monitor the steps, the calories you will burn, the distance you will move and the activity during sleep, but it also has a modern design and a large and clear display.

Moreover, two aspects that impress a lot are the extended battery autonomy, which is maintained for 1 year, and water resistance, up to 50 m deep. So, not only will you be able to wear it every day without worrying about the download, but it's also useful for the inotators and the water sports.

The measured indicators will be displayed on the LCD display and the device can be synchronized, wirelessly, with your computer or mobile phone, to transfer the recorded data. It's perfect for fitness and cardio activities, as it can provide even more accurate information by simply connecting to a monitor that measures heart activity.

The Garmin Viofit Fitness Bracelet is an excellent choice, being destined to any user who wants to maintain an active and healthy style, by measuring and analyzing daily activities.


Incorporates accelerometer, with which it monitors the physical activity and the state of inactivity.
It's compatible with Android 4.3 and iOS 7.0, or more recently.
The Battery has extended autonomy of 1 year without a recharge.
It Has memory function, which keeps the data up to 1 month.
Shows water resistance, up to 50m deep.


Do Not allow answering calls, so you will have to wear the phone with you, if you want to be aware of what is happening.

Sony SWR30

best fitness tracker for android - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020

We Recommend the product from Sony especially to people who have proposed to lead an active life and want to buy the best fitness bracelet, to show them how they live every day. The model is based on smart technology and detects every move you make, whether you're walking, running or sleeping.

It's perfect to count the steps you execute on the field or at the office, and gives you insight into the quality of sleep at night. You can even run through the rain because it has water resistance.

The device is compatible with Android 4.4 + operating system, and data can be transferred via the micro-USB port or via Bluetooth V 4.0. The display is e-ink type, the information is written on the rectangular screen. You will also be able to read messages received on your mobile phone and other notifications, and you will be able to support conversations as well. It's a neat gadget, being silicone.

If you want to monitor how active you are every day and get directions for the progress made, Sony fitness tracker is exactly what you need.


Bracelet for daily activity, recording movement and monitoring sleep.
Incorporates an E Ink display, which you can track daily progress.
Allows you to take calls and initiate them, even as you train.
It Comes with interchangeable belts, in different styles and colors, which you can change according to clothing.


Because of the many endowments, the battery has less autonomy, only 3 days.

Huawei A1

best activity tracker - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020

Huawei A1 is one of the best fitness trackers you can buy, when you are interested in a decent product that allows you to monitor the physical exertion during the day.

The device will record the steps you make, whether you're walking, running or cycling. He's also able to monitor you during the night, collecting data about the depth of sleep, but also the state of the time you're awake.

This gadget can be synchronized with devices on Android and iOS. It also incorporates an LED display with light indicator, which is covered with material, which contributes to the sleek and special look. It Is worth mentioning that he can retrieve phone calls, emphoning vibrations every time you are called or receive a message. It's perfect, in case you're in traffic and you don't hear the phone.

The Huawei A1 Fitness Bracelet impresses not only through the extensive measurements it makes, but also through its elegance, and can be worn daily, even in elegant clothes, without being obvious.


Elegant Bracelet, perfect for daily use.
Monitor activities during walking, running and walking on the bike.
Record the periods in which you sleep deeply and easily, as well as when you are awake.
It Has UV sensor, which warns you what protection factor you have to wear, depending on where you are.
Battery life extends to a month.


Certain buyers claim that it automatically disconnects from the smarphone, and the connection is not made by itself.

Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Monitor

waterproof fitness tracker - Best Fitness Tracker - Buyer`s Guide 2020

This Xiaomi fitness bracelet, cheap and smooth, will allow you to measure the distance traveled during the day or jogging, to control the number of calories burned after performing exercise and to monitor the activity during sleep (depth the movements you make), being suitable for all people who want to live healthy.

It has the alarm function, which you can call, if you want a more pleasant way to wake up. Moreover, you can postpone waking up 10 minutes by simply tapping the screen. You can connect It to your smartphone via the Bluetooth option, on the screen to which the mileage information and other activities will be displayed. This data is presented to you on the LED screen, with 3 light indicators.

It also sends alerts for incoming calls and SMS, being helpful, if you don't have your phone in sight. It must be said that it has resistance to water spatter, so it will not be affected by sweating and can be used even in the shower (however, not in the pool).

Do you want cheap fitness tracker, able to execute all the measurements specific to the more expensive products?

If the answer is affirmative, the investment is more than adequate.


It's a smooth, lightweight bracelet.
Allows the setting of up to 3 applications and takes over the phone calls.
Detects deep and light sleep phases.
It's equipped with an alarm that emits short vibrations and effect.
It can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection.


It can't be used in water sports, because it's not waterproof.

Popular Brands Fitness Trackers

So to monitor closely how much movement you make every day, a fitness bracelet is the most handy solution. You find on the market countless brands that produce this type of device, and we will present some very popular options.


Founded in 1989 in Lenexa, Kansas, this company was initially called ProNav and marketed for starters only GPS devices. Its Name was modified to ingest the names of the two founders (Gary Burrell and Min H. Kao), and at present the headquarters is located in Dutthe, Kansas, although it has offices in over 60 locations across the globe.

GPS Technology has always been a central point for the firm, only that the area of interest has been extended in time to ingame effective solutions for various industries, such as aviation or maritime sailing. In addition, it has been adapted to be used efficiently by individual users during sporting activities.

The company's Mission is to produce equipment that will make life easier for anyone who chooses to work with them. To deliver superior quality solutions, it offers special attention to design and tries to innovate at every opportunity.

If We talk about wearable devices market, the brand makes its presence felt and competes with a wide range of products, such as smartwatches, or other types of devices designed to monitor your activity, developed by important companies in this Domain, such as Apple or Fitbit.


This brand collects together a group of Japanese companies that make their presence felt in different industries, such as musical or cinematographic, and manage to offer one of the most complete entertainment platforms.

The Headquarters is in Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo, but the group is also represented in many other countries.

Appearing after the Second World War, the company had different names until a romanized version was chosen, inspired by the Latin "Sonus", which sends to sound, and a borrowed word from the slag of the period, meant to mean young presentable. International Success was mainly due to the popularization of radio and portable music players.

Currently, it is one of the most popular electronic equipment brands, and its logo is recognized all over the world as a quality standard. The product list includes components for computers, video games, movies, television shows, music, or telecommunications equipment.

It is considered one of the giants of the video game industry thanks to the PlayStation console: The line also includes a Media center, TV sets, controllers, portable devices, but also online services such as PlayStation Store, where you can purchase games or add-ons, try demos or view trailers.


The name of this company has become equivalent to the bracelet concept meant to monitor your activity during the day. Its founders understood that technology had advanced long enough to be able to record data consistently without being a major inconvenience to the subject.

Launched in 2007 by Eric Friedman and James Park, the company has its headquarters in San Francisco and offices in various cities around the globe, such as Boston, San Diego, Dublin, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Minsk, New Dehli, Tokyo, or Singapore. At the same time, its products are marketed all over the world.

Its mission is to encourage the wearer of the device to lead a more active life, so implicitly healthier. The fitness tracker can be worn as a clock, and because of the materials used, it is not necessary to be removed in any situation, whether we talk of excessive sweating or shower.

Therefore, the information collected is accurate and does not leave room for interpretors: You can see the number of steps, stairs climbing, or beating the heart. The information can be transferred using bluetooth technology, and analyzed by means of applications developed by the manufacturer for different platforms (iOS, Android, or Windows Phone).

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