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Best e-Book Reader – our 6 Recommendations


The idea of owning an e-book reader is attractive especially for people who want to wear a little bookstore after them wherever they are. In addition, it gives you access to books that you may not find in your city, and this in just a few clicks.

If you want to buy one, you have to do small documentation, so you will find that the Kindle variants are among the most reliable and multifunctional on the market, and also among our recommendations. The Kindle Oasis is part of a new generation, being improved with waterproof protection, so you don't have to keep out of contact with water.

It Has a large 7-inch screen, without glare and with illumination, the resolution is high (300PPI), providing good visibility of the font. You can connect it to the Internet via wireless, and the control is done by touch or through the two-page return buttons.

If you prefer a more accessible version, we suggest the Kindle Paperwhite model.

How to choose the best e-book reader

Buyer's Guide

E-book reader is a gadget that allows you to read books in digital formats, without having eye or head pain, as you are on the LCD screens. To the difference of laptop, phone, tablet and about any other device on the market, the e-book reader uses a special technology called e-ink (e-ink) to display text.

It has multiple advantages: on the one hand, it looks very similar to the paper, from the point of view of brightness, contrast and color, so it will not tire your eyes, and in addition, screens based on this technology consume very little power.

The result is a device that you can store hundreds, even thousands of books, which will display them on a screen similar to a card, lightweight, compact, and with a battery that lasts even weeks between loads. Probably nothing compares to the sensation of holding a book in your hand, but the e-book reader has certain advantages that make it virtually indispensable to anyone who reads a lot, especially if you travel or read numerous documents.

If you are wondering which is the best e-book reader, we believe the answer is “depends”; Follow the features below, to know where you can make compromises and where the quality receives:


Basically, the most important feature of this device. The advantage of using an e-book reader is the ease with which you read any text.

A good e-book reader must give you the ability to manipulate the size and shape of letters, the space between words, the number of words per row and the space between paragraphs. In addition, built-in e-ink technology has evolved, so newer models tend to be more comfortable for the eyes.

An important option is the presence of a light source, either the front or the screen, the newer models, which will allow you to read when there is no ambient light. Other functions to be followed are the resolution and the touchscreen capabilities.

The higher the resolution, the clearer the text will be. Typically, most products of this kind have a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.


The advantage of an e-book reader is ease in transportation due to slim shape and reduced weight.

Most products of this kind are even lighter than some books. The best of these are compact, resilient, with a weight that does not exceed 200 grams and with a battery that lasts a few weeks (5 – 8 weeks).

Additional Options

One of the most important functions of a last generation e-book reader is the possibility of connecting to a wireless internet network. Thus, you can download new titles in real time, check the new news but also use the browser to search for any information you want.

Note that the e-book is not a tablet, so you will not be able to surf the internet on any website, as you would with other devices.


A good e-book reader must be compatible with as many text formats as PDF, TXT, DOC, DOCX, and Mobi, but also special formats for photo and graphics such as TIFF, PNG or JPEG. In some cases, the device also offers audio support, so you can enjoy audiobooks as well.


Usually, a capacity of 2GB is enough, but if the e-book reader you choose has a miniSD slot, you can enlarge this capacity up to 32 GB. A standard capacity of 2GB gives you about 1000 – 1500 of different titles.

Whether you want to purchase a specific product, or are looking for reviews about the best e-book reader, using the Internet can be a great help. Most online stores offer price reductions, advantageous offers and free shipping all year, and if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and get your money back.

Featured E-Book Readers in 2019

Kindle Oasis

best ebook reader - Best e-Book Reader – our 6 Recommendations

If you want to be able to read from the Kindle, even when you are at the beach or the pool, without the fear of ruining your device when you touch the water, find out that a waterproof model has appeared, which will not be affected by contact with wet hands or splashes.

Sure, do not expect to resist repeated dives, although the manufacturer mentions that it lasts up to an hour in the water, but surely you will be able to read in several places, even when you take a bath in the bathtub.

It has a large 7-inch display with a high resolution of 300ppi, so the font will have good visibility even in the sun's swing, and is illuminated, so you can read in the dark. It also has an audio function with bluetooth headphones or speakers.

Control is tactile, but you will also find dedicated buttons for changing pages. Also to mention that you can connect it on the internet, wirelessly.

It has a high storage capacity of up to 32 GB, and although the dimensions are slightly larger than the first generation of Kindle, the model is very easy, being comfortable to hold it in your hand and read a few hours.


Model Waterproof-you can read at sea, pool and even when you sit in the tub.
Incorporate Adapter for light, so you don't suffer your eyes no matter what environment you read.
The screen is generous and has a high resolution, for comfortable reading even in sunlight.
It's easy with an ergonomic desing and dedicated page buttons.


The warranty offered is short-term-12 months.

Kindle Paperwhite

ebook reader best - Best e-Book Reader – our 6 Recommendations

This Kindle model is one of the most popular on the market, attracting users both through its high portability, but also through the good functionality of the software and through the connection and control options.

The screen is touchscreen, illuminated and has a resolution of 300ppi, which offers a good contrast between the balanced white background and the dark font. So, not only will you read more comfortably in any environment, regardless of the illumination in the room or from the outside, but your eyes will not tire as hard.

The device can be connected to the Internet network at home or in the city, from your favorite place via wireless. It's energy saving, and the battery can hold you for a week, but that depends on how often you use it. It's a touchscreen model that will respond quickly to commands, but do not expect to have the speed of a smartphone.

It Is very easy, weighing only 205 grams, and if you want to know the dimensions, these are the following: 169 x 117 x 9.1 mm.

Supports numerous text files, has 4 GB internal storage memory and you can connect it with the USB cable provided in the package.


It has a paperwhite screen with good resolution, which the font is clearer, more defined (16 levels of grayscale).
You can connect it over Wi-Fi to download books.
It has a 2-year warranty, which you can expand, and it's delivered for free.
The battery has long autonomy, up to a week (depending on the frequency you are reading).


Being white, it's prone to stains, and dust or dirt will be easier to see.

New Kindle Glare 6

kindle ebook reader - Best e-Book Reader – our 6 Recommendations

New Kindle Glare 6 is a model we propose to people interested in an e-book reader more accessible to buy, and if you are lucky to find it at discount, the investment will be even more advantageous.

The model is a simple one, but it has all the basic functions you might want.

It has a diagonal of 6 inches and high contrast, so the screen has decent visibility and the brightness of the sun. Also, it can save up to 4 GB, which means you won't be able to put a wide range of comic books, but you can create a rich library.

Also, it connects via Wi-Fi, so you can download the new titles you want without problems.

You can enlarge the font, to be easier to read by children or by people with vision problems, you can search for unknown words in vocabulary (if you read in English).

The battery lasts up to 4 weeks, but if you read daily, 3-4 hours, this period decreases (one week's autonomy is more realistic).

To mention that there is a reading mode for children, so you can personalize the device so that the small one has access to the books in your archive, will receive small rewards in the form of medals, when you finish a book or a chapter, and you will be informed permanently D is his progress.


It has a way of reading for children, offering rewards and announcing about the books you read or the number of words that the little one has.
They enjoy long-lasting autonomy.
It's sturdy and lightweight, being as comfortable to use as a book. Includes 24-month warranty.


You can not change the screen light.

E-Book Reader Kindle Paperwhite WI-FI

cheap ebook reader - Best e-Book Reader – our 6 Recommendations

Kindle Paperwhite is an e-book reader offered by the world's most famous e-book maker, incorporating a special display with integrated adjustable light.

This function offers a number of superior technical advantages, including a built-in light with which you can read and with light off, a white contrast of 25% higher and 62% more pixels, which offer superior and clear quality of text and images.

You can also adjust a number of 16 grayscale tones. All these features increase ease and comfort when reading using this e-book reader, whether it's day or night – you can quietly close the lamp and light from the Kindle will be enough to read, but will not disturb the partner.

Even if it has a built-in light, the battery life lasts up to 8 weeks, enough time for completion and the longest volumes. The screen is multisensory and tactile, and the options can be activated via the touchscreen menu.

The internal Memory is 4 GB, the equivalent of over 1,100 cards, and among the compatible formats you find 15 for text (including PDF, TXT, Mobi and AZW) and 4 for photo and graphics. As is the case with all the devices at Kidle, it is not compatible with the Epub format or the docs, but you will need to convert them to your computer.

The device can be connected to a wireless network, and Kindle has a program created specifically for its users, where you can choose for free once a month, a book from over 180,000 volumes valid online.

The books can be downloaded in less than 60 seconds. In addition, more dictionaries can be installed on this device, and the word explanation comes instantly, just by selecting it in the text.

Taking into account the superior features of the screen, increased compatibility and additional options, you can say that Paperwhite is, the best e-book reader from Kindle.


Advantages of E-book reader from Kindle, incorporating e-ink technology and a special Paperwhite technology (built in light), for nocturnal reading.
Paperwhite features 25% more contrast and 62% more pixels.
You can adjust 16 grayscale and many font sizes.
4 GB internal Memory, equivalent to 2,200 titles and online memory on Amazon 5 GB.
Compatible with 15 text formats and 4 for image and graphics.
Incorporates the possibility of connection to a wireless network.
Kindle offers the possibility to download for free, once a month, a volume of the 180,000 valid on the site.


Not compatible with Epub or doc formats.
It's not a major drawbacks, but it lacks compatibility with audio files.
Its lack is in a tendency with most manufacturers not to include this option because of its non-use.
Price increased.

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