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Best Collagen Products – our 5 Recommendations


Used in many cosmetic products intended to preserve the health and vitality of the skin and recommended as a supplement in the diet, for people with problems of bones and joints, best collagen products is among the miracle remedies of our decade in to slow down the effects of aging.

A smooth complexion with fewer wrinkles, shiny and hydrated hair, more elastic wrists, durable bones and a general well-being, are just a few results that can be obtained using this product, if you know how to choose a quality version.

collagen skin - Best Collagen Products – our 5 Recommendations

Find out more about this important protein by reading our guide, or if you are already familiar with this compound, pass directly to the evaluation of the two formulas that have entered the top of the recommendations.

Pond's Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream is a premium quality variant, produced in Sweden, with 10000mg of collagen on the dosage of Administration and addition of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

If you want a product that combines several useful nutrients for skincare, hair, and nails we recommend Elemis Marine Cream.

How to choose the best collagen products

Buyer's Guide

Collagen represents 30% of the proteins present in the human body and 70% of those in the skin.

It consists of 18 amino acids, of which 9 are essential, which means that the body cannot produce it alone and must be purchase by eating.

best collagen for skin - Best Collagen Products – our 5 Recommendations

Because, with age, the amount of collagen realized internally decreases, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and joint problems, supplements that contain this protein offer important support in maintaining health.

The role of this guide is to provide you with the necessary information to know how to choose, correctly and securely on your knowledge, the best collagen for the skin, bones or joints, considering the source from which it was obtained, the form of presentation, the degree of absorption in the body, appearance, concentration and other relevant aspects.


Is generally obtained from leather, bones and joints of cattle, swine, chickens or fishes.

The one extracted from the marine source is considered superior due to lower molecular weight, which means absorption of 1.5 times better at the body level than in the case of variants obtained from pork or beef.

These products are however significantly more expensive and are not recommended to people allergic to fish.

Formulas extracted from cattle or swine are more affordable as a price, which is why they are often integrated into various cosmetic products.

They are effective for skin, hair and nails, but do not have the same efficiency in raising the total level of collagen of the body, it absorbs harder and it is important to come from animals grown organically, without hormonal treatment or exposure to pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

The variant of natural collagen, obtained from chickens is especially recommended for the treatment of joints and is less suitable if you want to improve the appearance of your skin.

In cosmetics, synthetic formulas made from a mixture of collagen obtained from cattle and microspheres made from polymethylmethacrylate, used to treat wrinkles, and autologen, extracted from the patient, are also utilising.

There are also vegetal equivalents, similar to the effect of animal collagen, marketed especially in the category of cosmetic products, for external use. They're preferred by vegans and vegetarians.


In your body there are at least 16 types of collagen of which type I is the most abundant and together with type III represents 90% of the total, ensuring the integrity and endurance of bones, nails, hair, tendons, ligaments, organs and vessels blood.

The supplements they contain are obtained by the rule of fish (the highest quantity of type I collagen) or beef or pig skin.

Type II is mainly found in cartilage composition, meaning between 50 – 60% of their structure, which is why supplements containing this variant of collagen for joints are recommended for wrist disorders legs or lumbar area.

It is extracted predominantly from pig cartilage or chicken.

best collagen peptides - Best Collagen Products – our 5 Recommendations

To ensure good absorption and for effective treatment, numerous reviews about the best supplements in collagen recommend separate administration.

Which means it is good to avoid, if you find, products that claim to contain collagen type I, II and III in the same formula, buying separately type II, which is good to take in the morning and type I in combination with III, more effective if Ingested in the evening on an empty stomach.

Form and mode of administration

Collagen can be given orally, in the form of pills, chewable tablets, powders or liquids (gel collagen), injectable or by cutaneous application.

The first variants have the advantage of global action, at the level of the entire body, leaving it the possibility to orient the use of the ingested substances in the place that has the highest deficiency.

The downside that this feature generates is that the effect may not feel where you want it.

For example, because the skin is not considered by the body an essential organ, it is possible to take the treatment for the atentuence of wrinkles and your body to direct it to the ligaments or tendons, if there is greater need.

best collagen mask - Best Collagen Products – our 5 Recommendations

Of the collagen supplements at good oral prices, the best absorption is offered by the liquid versions, which are but something more expensive and more difficult to dozed.

Powders need to dissolve in a liquid (water or natural juice), and pills or tablets usually offer you a lower concentration of useful substance, which means you have to take more.

Injectable options are used either for the restoration of worn joints, with cartilage problems, on doctor's recommendation, or in cosmetics, to reduce wrinkles on the face or increase the volume of the lips.

There are variants that have the advantage of local direct action, the disadvantages being represented by the need for injection, which is a more uncomfortable way of administration and the risk of allergies, which is why it is recommended to test the substance before use and recourse to the services of cabinet.

Cutaneous application products are found in cosmetic and natural care stores and are designed by the rule of improvement of the creams and lotions of the face, so do not use on the complexion in pure formula. We recommend them if you need to treat a particular area of the girl locally.


The skin consists of 80% type I collagen, 15% type III, hyaluronic acid and elastin, which is why cosmetic formulas containing all these ingredients or various combinations of them are more effective than those that include only collagen and you will find them frequently in stores.

On the list of ingredients it is good to find out and vitamin C or alpha lipoic acid, which stimulates collagen synthesis.

Among the ingredients in hair and nail combinations you will also find biotin, silicon and vitamins (B5, B6, B12).

Hydrolyzed or non-hydrolysed

In its natural state, collagen is a protein with a large molecule, which cannot pass into the bloodstream in this form, necessitating hydrolysis.

It is the reason that some manufacturers choose to market this product directly in Hydrolysed state, in the form of collagen peptides, with a molecular mass, which are absorbed faster and with superior efficiency of non-hydrolysed variants.

We draw your attention that some of the variants described as “hydrolysed collagen” contain only three of the 18 amino acids that form the helix of this compound, namely Glysine, Proline and Hydroxyprolina, which represents 50% of the need for synthesization of Collagen.

There are useful formulas, but not as effective as those that include all components and which are usually more expensive.

Vegans and Vegetarians

Because most of the supplements of this type are obtained from animal sources, they are less suited for those who choose a 100% vegetable diet.

Until a source of vegan collagen, you can help the body to produce this protein by giving it combinations with similar effects, considered plant equivalent of collagen or lysine and arginine supplements, essential amino acids it needs for synthesis and which exist in variants made from plants.

If you need such a product and you are interested in a collagen formula at a good price, we recommend looking for it in online stores, where you have the best chance to find a version of a very good quality, at an affordable price.

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