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Around 1992, I bought my first computer. I had seen one at school, the math circle, and I was lucky to have one the same. It was called C.I.P. like, and it went with the famous BASIC operating system, and any application needed to be uploaded from the magnetic tape. That's when I first discovered the IT world, applications created from scratch, but also games (ah, yes, I played the famous ping-pong on the black and white TV). But from here, my passion for everything about computer science and IT was born.

I took programming courses, participated in video game championships when in Bucharest I was smuggling tapes and exchanging Russian casephones (better programs were being loaded). But programming didn't get to me, I'm just hacker, I'm modifying applications, especially Web applications. That's about it. Otherwise, my passion is writing.

I arrived after about six years of press (from the field reporter to the editor in the J.N. team) to write for the largest business newspaper in Romania, about Internet, communications, best gadgets, technologies. We did face-to-face interviews with executive directors, entrepreneurs, marketing and sales directors, financial directors and IT executives. I have thus come to know the business inside, both in the media and the IT business, and the communication experience is just as extensive. That's how I opened my taste for entrepreneurship. I now deal with blogging, social media, social media communication and online campaigns. I offer consultancy on online projects to very large brands. I'm online from 1997.

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