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13 reasons to take an electric skateboard


Are you thinking of changing your car or bike or other alternative means of transport on an electric skateboard? Would you like to try and have a fun time? Especially if you already have the technical basis of the classic skating board, why not explore it? Here is some reason I can direct your attention to spread such a mini-vehicle.

Even though it may seem like just a toy for “rich kids” or for those with too much free time, electric skateboarding can help you get to where you want to go faster, without putting in much effort, for example, or walking around. free time, all you need is a good and empty sidewalk. However, why leave your car at home and replace it with a gadget? Read on to find out.

A new challenge

If you already know how to go skateboarding, you may be ready for a new challenge, given that you need other skills than the ones you use on your regular board. With the help of a motorized gadget you do not need to go up a hill to enjoy the wind through the payments, because with the help of the remote control you have a quick way to get speed without making any effort. This also helps you to climb, because if you do not want to, you do not have to push yourself or climb on foot, being able to use the assisted speed.

skateboard for beginners - 13 reasons to take an electric skateboard

A good device for beginners

And if you have not had any problems with skateboarding this type of board can help you, because it saves you the effort to push and “wind” every time you want. You will learn how to get easier and keep your balance on the deck right from the start. In addition, with the help of the remote control you can use low speeds, for starters, and as you increase your skill you will be able to advance to higher speeds or even carving.

The liberating feeling of running

If you are an adventurous kid and you like to try new things, especially outdoors, you will like to feel the wind in your hair as you walk the street. With an electric skateboard you can do this anytime you want. And you can even use off-road wheels if you want to raise the stick even more and run on unpaved terrain.

Spend more time in nature

Especially when you use skateboarding as a means of transport to school, college or work, you will save and be more or less active outdoors. You will start your day outside the car and get rid of traffic jams, breathing fresh air, if the city where you are is not very polluted, of course, and if there are pedestrian routes that cyclists can use, for example. The clean air will help you wake up and be more careful on the road and on the activities you will undertake later.

Get rid of traffic

Because, as I said above, you use the car less often, you are no longer trapped and you will not hear all kinds of horns. At the same time, you will breathe less exhaust gas and your mood will be more relaxed.

You save money

The budget allocated to gasoline can be doubled when you use more alternative means of transport. Even if the skateboard battery needs to be charged, the energy consumed is only a fraction of what you spend on fuel every day.

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You keep fit

Because you can practice different schemes, even with electric skateboards you will train a little on a physical level. Even if it seems easy to sit on the board while it is dealing with speed, it is not as simple as you think. You will always have to maintain your balance and focus on the path and the next movement. So, you will do a little sport, even if not in the most conventional way.

It also helps you in other similar sports

In the hot season, you can practice for the hours spent in winter in the company of good snowboarding. In time, you learn the most effective ways to keep your balance on the board and ways to handle it more effectively on the tarmac, which will help you later on in the snow.

It doesn't take up much space

Unlike a car, for which you need a garage or a parking space, and a bicycle, which gives you other headaches, the electric skateboard is much easier to store in your home when not in use. You can place it in a special place or you can “throw” it in the closet or in the balcony, using it only when it is needed, without too much difficulty.

You get interesting video content

If you are amateur of video content for personal use or that you post online, you will get some beautiful and unique images, from a first person perspective, if you use an action camera or even that of the phone when you explore the city in four wheel.

It can be easier for you to be creative and develop your artistic side in this way, looking cool while doing this.

Do not wait for public transport

It is no longer necessary to wake up at a certain time to catch the bus, tram or subway, just to take a few shifts to work or school at peak hours or where you will usually be on the road for to know exactly how long you need. Thus, you can cancel an alarm in the morning and spend another five or ten minutes in bed.

skateboarding exercise - 13 reasons to take an electric skateboard

You save more

If you give up your subscriptions and other means of transport you will save money, as less roads by car will lead to a bigger budget for other delights. Even the small shopping you can do on the skateboard, as long as you do not arm yourself with all sorts of bags, but only with the necessary ingredients that you can put in a backpack.

You don't pollute as much

Because of how often you use the car, you will have a lesser effect on the environment and we will not be able to consume more harmful resources.

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